10 Celebrity Musicians Who Are Fifty and Fabulous

10 Celebrity Musicians Who Are Fifty and Fabulous

10 Celebrity Musicians Who Are Fifty and Fabulous

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Age is nothing to fear – especially if you’re a famous musician who’s just turned fifty and is still fabulous. Many people, especially celebrities, are able to age with grace, and still act and feel like they did when they were only twenty-five. Check out FDRMX’s list of ten musicians who are fifty and fabulous on the Encyclopedia of Music below.

1. Lenny Kravits – Birthday: May 26
Lenny Kravitz turned fifty this past spring and is still looking as fly as ever.

2. Jon Bon Jovi – Birthday: March 2
The frontman of Bon Jovi still maintains that rock star look, even as a fifty year old father of four.

3. Sheryl Crow – Birthday: February 11
Still singing looking swell, Sheryl Crow has been making music for a quarter of a decade. Her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club was released nearly twenty years ago already.

4. Axl Rose – Birthday: February 6
It’s amazing that this man can still rock as hard as he did in his youth, but he manages to pull it off with classic rock n’ roll star style.

5. MC Hammer – Birthday: March 30
Originally known as the “Hammer Time” rapper, Hammer later became a preacher, and then a tech wiz as well! Keeping busy must slow the aging process.

6. Anthony Kiedis – Birthday: November 1
Kiedis had a pretty good year the year he turned fifty. Not only did he get to celebrate his half a century-old mark, but he and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Get it, Kiedis.

7. Tommy Lee – Birthday: October 3
Mötley Crüe founder Tommy Lee keeps up his heavy metal band image even as he approaches the golden years.

8. Garth Brooks – Birthday: February 7
Another solid year for this celebrity musician, as Garth became the youngest living person to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Well done, Garth!

9. Esai Morales – Birthday: October 1
Esai can “La Bamba” his way into being fifty and we’ll gladly join him – his moves are just as good as ever.

10. Trace Adkins – Birthday: January 13
No sad country tune from Trace on his fiftieth – only good times and happy songs we hope!

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