10 Great Ways to Theme your Child’s Bedroom

10 Great Ways to Theme your Child’s Bedroom

10 Great Ways to Theme your Child’s Bedroom


Looking for some inspiration to turn your child’s bedroom into an spellbinding wonderland of fantasy and enchantment?! Check out some of these awesome themed ideas below!


Got a little mermaid or merman on your hands? Take inspiration from children’s movies Ariel the Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo and use their underwater landscapes to create beautiful painted murals on your child’s bedroom walls! If you have the DIY skills, build the bed into the shape of a boat and don’t forget to add portholes and fishing nets!


Put on your walking boots and hike through the jungle, staying clear of the hungry lions and the angry baboons! Using party decorations or ropes you can create the look of hanging vines swaying from the ceiling and use plastic snakes and insects to create little inhabitant territories around the space!


Want something really magical for your little one’s bedroom? Invest in a reclaimed wood bed that will last them from childhood to adulthood! This majestic looking wooden bed frame has gaps in the slats on the headboard, ideal for weaving in decorative foliage such as ivy and roses to give it an overgrown enchanted forest look! Fill the bedding with stuffed animals and then theme the rest of the bedroom to look like a fairytale wonderland with trees and birds, deer and rivers painted as murals on the wall!


You can really go to town with this one! Create a princess canopy to overhang the bed or have plastic suits of armour hanging in a frame, paint stone castle structures onto the walls and use wooden floor boarding for an authentic effect. Perhaps your noble steed is kept in the corner, or maybe there’s a fire breathing dragon guarding the door? Let your imagination run wild and be sure to keep Excalibur close by!


If your child’s more of an athlete than a bookworm then turn their room into a mini sports hall. Using balls on string and padding out areas of the room, your kid can impress all their friends when they come round to play! The padding and rope will also ensure that the football doesn’t ‘accidentally’ fly through the window! Section off corners of the room to play different sports – such as a netball/basketball net, goal posts, a climbing frame and a rope swing – perhaps even a punching bag for the older ones!


Build your bedroom into the most glorious ship to sail the seven seas! Opt for a pirate’s life or take on being Captain of a cruise liner – whichever era and style your child prefers. Use rope ladders and turn the bunk bed into decking. Paint the walls to represent the sea and you can even have a wooden plank for the scurvy sea rats to walk along! Take inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean themed rooms.


*Euston…we have a problem!* Deck out the bed with a control panel for all your child’s intergalactic exploring! Use the walls to create the surrounding galaxies, whether you want it to be realistic or fantasy inspired, make sure the room sparkles with futurism! A nice little touch to add is those stick on your ceiling stars that glow in the dark, so at night your little one can fall asleep under a midnight sky.


Isn’t it every child’s dream to see the world? To embark on whirlwind adventures and make life changing discoveries? Begin at a young age and get them tasting that freedom by adorning your little one’s room with maps and otherworldly artefacts that will inspire the wanderlust to grow as they do.


When I was young I was obsessed with China – I loved the mythology and ancient culture, I had Chinese lanterns hanging all around my room with dragon embroidered kimonos and parasols displayed on my cabinets. I loved the rich colours and know that if I had the opportunity to completely immerse my room into the theme I would have done! Think about intricately painted screens, oriental printed wallpaper and ethnic rugs for a chic and mature bedroom that can still be playful!


My absolute favourite idea is the wardrobe to Narnia! Invest in a grand looking solid wood wardrobe and place it in front of the bedroom door. Cut out a hole in the back of the wardrobe that will allow you to enter into the bedroom by climbing through! Hang a couple of shirts up to make it look authentic and then push them aside to reveal a secret passageway that your kids can enjoy! You could even theme the room beyond to look like the snowy scenes of Narnia.

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