Top 10 Life Hacks for the Christmas Season (Part 2)

Top 10 Life Hacks for the Christmas Season (Part 2)

Top 10 Life Hacks for the Christmas Season (Part 2)

Welcome back to our list of life hacks especially for the Christmas season. The holidays might be months away, but as we all know, they’re one of the busiest times of the year for a lot of people. Here are a few tricks to make your season feel a little more festive without investing too much time or money!

Number Five: Make a Christmas Garbage Disposal

Not to throw the holiday in the garbage, if that’s what you were thinking. No, this garbage disposal is a neat, festive way to deal with the discarded wrapping paper on the morning of. Just wrap a cardboard box in wrapping paper and you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing and festive place to collect the seasonal garbage!

 Number Four: Candy Cane Tag Holders

Still have some extra candy canes even after you blended some up for some creative treats? You probably didn’t think to make name tag holders out of them. This can be easily done by tying three together so that the curly parts are all at the bottom. Now they’ll stand up on their own and can be used to hold name tags!

Number Three: Saved Candy Chocolate

Here we have another neat hot chocolate addition for you. If you use a potato peeler to shave off chocolate from a chocolate bar, you can add a bit of shaved chocolate as a cool touch to add to hot chocolate.

Number Two: The Snowman Refrigerator

If it is getting close to the big day and you feel like you still need to do some last minute decorating, you can use colored paper to turn your fridge into a snowman. Cut out some black circles the eyes – as well as the mouth and the buttons. And of course, an orange triangle will make a perfect nose. Add on a nice green or red scarf and you’ve got a holiday refrigerator on your hands!

Number One: Bread Clip Place Holder

This is one that will help during the wrapping. You can use a bread clip to hold your place on a roll of tape so that the tape doesn’t get stuck against itself. That’s it for this list, thanks for reading – and happy Christmas, when the time comes!

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