10 Must-Have Apps For New Moms in 2017

10 Must-Have Apps For New Moms in 2017

10 Must-Have Apps For New Moms in 2017


New moms have a long journey ahead and can take full advantage of the many Apps available for their smart phones to help them negotiate the twists and turns of having a new life to care for. With today’s digital world in full swing and new Apps being released daily, there is sure to be an App suited to just what a new mom needs and a variety of information to help moms choose the best fetal doppler.

  1. White Noise Baby App

Having a baby in distress can be the worst, especially in public, but having this app, as one of your tools will help greatly. Not only does it have an abundance of ambient sounds to soothe your baby, it also has a high-contrast rattle to keep baby occupied and content. Another helpful feature is the monitor setting that will play sounds when baby’s cry has been detected. Made with the multitasking mom in mind, it also allows for background audio, keeping the phone free for mom to use while still keeping baby calm.

  1. Today’s Parent My Family App

Keeping track of what’s going on during your child’s specific age in or out of the womb has never been easier than with this app. Giving you the ability to keep track of more than one child and many more great features. Get daily updates that offer important developmental information for your child. It also has the capability of creating digital scrapbooks of your precious memories with pictures, videos, and any quotes or captions that you wish to add. You can use it to track naps and feeding schedules. Even if you need help picking a name you can find that tool here with all the rest of the amazing features.

  1. Baby Tracker Nursing App

This app is allows for you to track all the important stuff that goes along with taking care of a new born. Keep up with and maintain baby’s sleep schedule by using the specialized tracking features to help you plan ahead for naps and night time feedings. A baby seems to grow at phenomenal rates, but now you can keep track of this as well. You can record milestones that baby makes from crawling to running and even include picture to document the events. When baby is sick, sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep up with medications and dosages, but now you can keep better track with the ability to enter all that information right into the app. This app is like a personal assistant in the palm of your hand for new mothers.

  1. Total Baby App

The name of this app says it all, for you have the ability to track virtually ever aspect of your child’s development. Anything that you want to keep track of is right at your finger tips from diaper changes to allergies can be input with ease. It also features automatic backup to the cloud so you never have to worry about loosing that all so important information. Have twins or more? With it’s innovative timer you can set it up for each child. And it even adds a little something for mom with a tracking system for pumping to help keep with expiration dates of the milk.

  1. WebMD Baby App

WebMD is one of the most trusted online resources when it comes to anything medical, so it only makes sense that they have a baby app. Mothers can rest easy by using this app to keep up with breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and even when solid food is introduced. Helps keep up with sleep patterns to ensure that baby and mom both get their much needed beauty rest. It also keeps up with the growth patterns of baby and even allows for you to have a digital baby book right on your phone. Now you can have teamwork when taking care of baby, as this app will sync across multiple devices, so now dad has no excuses as to not being in the loop.

  1. Milk Maid App 

This app is geared especially for mom’s who are breastfeeding. It allows for you to keep track of how much milk is being produced, how much is in storage, how much baby is consuming during the day. It keeps track of mom’s milk expiration dates and also times the optimal pumping time required when pumping. It also acts as an inventory system showing frozen milk and fresh milk. This app is the ultimate guide to your baby’s personal supply of mother’s milk.

  1. Mom Maps App

This app is great for when mom needs to find a place to take baby to play. Today’s world doesn’t always cater to being kid-friendly and this app bridges that gap very effectively. The combined knowledge of mom’s who have entered locations into this app for other’s to take advantage of. It comes in handy when on vacation or just in an unfamiliar area, you can easily find great places to take your kids for a little fun. It uses your location to show you places closest to you and also includes indoor locations for those rainy days. A great all around app for locating places for you kid’s entertainment across the continental United States.

  1. Cloud Baby Monitor App

This app caters to IOS devices and you will need two of these devises in you home in order to take advantage of this awesome app. With both devices connected to the same network and one left in the baby’s room, you can monitor your baby from any distance. The audio is superb, the video quality is also superb and they are coupled with sound and motion alerts to keep you notified if baby is on the move or upset. You can talk to baby and create your own lullaby playlist or choose from existing ambient noise in the app. Both parents can use this app simultaneously or you can monitor more that one child at a time. This app is a great replacement for what can sometimes be an expensive investment otherwise.

  1. Child Medical History App

This app is an all inclusive app of all relevant medical information and history of your child beginning from birth. It allows you to enter all key information involving your child’s blood type and any medical conditions that may be important to keep track of. It allows for keeping up with all vaccinations, along with reminders of when others may be needed. Allergies seem to be more prominent than ever before and you can keep all that information right in your phone with this app. You can also keep important information involving medications and frequency of dosages. This app will help you to maintain in depth records of all things that involve your child medically.

  1. Baby Pack and Go App

Any new mom knows that getting ready to leave the house is an absolute nightmare. Trying to keep track of what you need and what you already have is frustrating to say the least. This app acts as a travel checklist, allowing you to make sure that you have all the essentials you need when leaving the house. It takes all the work out of having to remember all that you need and the baby too.


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