Trippy: 10 Scariest Drugs You've Never Heard Of

Trippy: 10 Scariest Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of


Every year, more and more drugs are synthesized that are meant to provide users with intense highs and few side effects. However, some of these drugs are much more dangerous than their creators ever realized. With that in mind, below are the 10 scariest drugs you’ve probably never heard of.

Number Ten: Scopolamine.

Scopolamine is most often used by Colombian cartels to hypnotize people into committing heinous acts. When scopolamine is ingested (accidentally or otherwise), it causes a state of blackout hypnosis, and people under its power will admit to truths and facts they would never normally share with strangers, such as bank account numbers. People under the influence of scopolamine have no memory of what happened when they come to.

Number Nine: Dipt. Dipt is a psychedelic hallucinogen that affects auditory pathways. However, one terrible side effect of dipt is that users may hear high-pitched, loud noises for up to three weeks after ingesting the drug. Dipt is not currently banned.

Number Eight: Bromo-Dragonfly. Bromo-Dragonfly might not sound scary, but its effects are truly terrifying. It is five times less potent than LSD, but the trip will last for up to three days, and users are put in a deep trance. Some users of Bromo-Dragonfly even vomit blood.

Number Seven: DMHP. DMHP was developed as a non-lethal weapon to be used by the military. It has a similar, but more intense effect than marijuana. Users are rendered useless and become incapable of coordinating their mind or body.

Number Six: Yage. Yage is maybe the only drug that can cause mental illness. It is a blend of a hallucinogenic vine and shrub and is used by Colombian tribes during spiritual rituals. It induces vivid hallucinations and can lead to extremely severe reactions, including vomiting blood and mental collapse.

Number Five: Krokodil.

Krokodil was developed by Russian scientists and is powerfully addictive. It is the preferred drug of hardcore and desperate addicts, and it makes users’ skin resemble a sick reptile.

Number Four: Jenkem Drugs

Jenkem was allegedly developed by Zambian children as a cheap way to get high. Though it’s completely harmless, it is incredibly unsanitary. To make jenkem, Zambian people cover human feces and urine in a balloon, wait for it to ferment, and then inhale the fumes to experience a mild hallucinogenic trip.

Number Three: Benzo-Fury. The danger of Benzo-Fury doesn’t lie in its effects but in its distributions. Users experience euphoria and become more emotional and sensitive. However, the creators of Benzo-Fury found a legal loophole that allows them to sell it online and in stores everywhere.

Number Two: Freon. Freon is a refrigerant that has been well-connected to the depletion of the ozone layer. However, some people inhale it without abandon, and it causes dizziness and hallucinations, not to mention permanent brain damage.

Number One: Etorphine. Finally, the scariest drug you’ve never heard of is etorphine. Etorphine is 3,000 times as strong as morphine and 5,000 times as strong as heroin. It was created to sedate large animals and can only be legally possessed by healthcare professionals and veterinarians.

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