Over 100,000 Attend Movement Electronic Music Fest

Over 100,000 Attend Movement Electronic Music Fest

Movement Electronic Music FestPhoto Courtesy of Mark Hicks

One of Detroit‘s biggest annual events has reached a new high with over 100,000 attendees. The Movement Electronic Music Fest (formerly the Detroit Electronic Music Festival) showcases a large group of Techno artists and DJs from all over the world. This year 121 acts will perform to the enthusiastic crowd that has come far and wide to the festival. While most associate Detroit with Motown tunes, it’s often forgotten that the city is also the site of Techno’s birth.

The three day event’s arrival was held in historical Hart Plaza where vast amounts of people danced in neon lighting to the plethora of electronic music. So far crime has been at an extraordinary low for an event such as this, with the psychedelic drugs usually associated with raves being close to nonexistent. Stars of the event include DJ Godfather, Aux 88, A Guy Called Gerald, Octave One, and pioneer Kevin Saunderson.

Kevin Saunderson’s son Diaz has become a veteran of techno concerts yet still believes that Detroit is the granddaddy of them all. “It’s the foundation of almost everything,” Diaz told CBS Detroit, “My dad is one of the founders of techno music in general…and this is the first real, big music festival. Techno was made in Detroit, and like…you can’t just be a techno fan and not come to the place where it started.”

The first Electronic Music Festival was held in 2000.  The event was championed by citizens and politicians across the state for bringing in visitors from all over the world and injecting a bit of youth appeal into the city. Afterwards there came a startling revelation that the event had attracted zero crime despite attendance greatly surpassing expectations. Since then the festival has become an exponentially growing occasion that is welcomed by many Detroit musicians.

While attendance specifics are currently unavailable, early estimates predict that the audience has surpassed any past festival. At least 35,000 or more were said to have attended each day, which is impressive commitment considering the $130 dollar three day passes and the $260 dollar vip passes.  Carol Marvin, founder of the festival, plans to hold the 2015 fest at the original location of Campus Martius and Ford Field. Next year Detroit will find out how this new venue will shake up this wildly popular techno gathering.

EDIT:  The 2015 Movement Fest will stay at Hart’s Plaza.  Instead, Campus Martius and Ford Field will be the sites for a different 4th of July Weekend concert under the original name of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.   The DEMF will be accompanied by the Federation of Electronic Music Technology (FEMT) inside Ford Field. On April 17th it was announced that both 4th of July Festivals would be delayed until next year (2015).

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