14 Goats Wearing Human Outfits

14 Goats Wearing Human Outfits

Number One. A cute little goat dressed up for school.

CandyCorns_ / reddit.com

Number Two. This goat is looking pretty good in his black and red flannel.

Madeline / pishposhspice.tumblr.com

Number Three. I’m not exactly sure what this goat is wearing or what his friend is doing in the background.

Benjamin Leslie / benjaminleslie.wordpress.com

Number Four. This goat is looking fashionable and blocking out the haters with his sunglasses.

Teresa L. Perin / razzamadazzle.files.wordpress.com

Number Five. Happy Halloween from this goat dressed up as a pink butterfly.

Teresa / edenhills.wordpress.com

Number Six. Looks like this goat is ready for a big night out.

William Selden / vice.com

Number Seven. This goat even took it as far as standing on two legs while wearing a sweatshirt.

Alexander Gorlizki / modernfarmer.com

Number Eight. This goat is rocking the baseball cap.


Number Nine. This goat looks like he’s backpacking across Europe.

Svetlana Eremina / photography.nationalgeographic.com/

Number Ten. One of the biggest goats I’ve ever seen wearing one of the biggest shirts I’ve ever seen.

Benjamin Leslie / benjaminleslie.wordpress.com

Number Eleven. It must be chilly out since these goats are wearing sweaters.


Number Twelve. Merry Christmas from this goat!

Scott Douglas / trickerpr.com

Number Thirteen. Another celebratory goat. Happy New Year!

Teresa / edenhills.wordpress.com

Number Fourteen. Last, but not least, my favorite picture in this collection. The half-goat, half-human eating at the dinner table makes me laugh every time.


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