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15 Crazy Things You Don’t Know About The Newly Single Ariana Grande

15 Crazy Things You Don’t Know About The Newly Single Ariana Grande

These days, Ariana Grande has been the one pop star that everyone in the world has been obsessed with. From her very public engagement and then break-up with Pete Davidson to her amazing new pop singles, she has been the talk of the town! The past few months have been wild for the pop star and her life has had a lot of ups and downs. However, there’s also a ton of stuff that we bet you don’t know about this amazingly talented singer. Here are the 15 craziest facts about Ariana Grande that you don’t know!

15. The True Story Behind Her Iconic Ponytail

Image: thetalko.com

If there’s one thing that Ariana Grande is known for it’s her iconic ponytail. For years, no one could figure out why she constantly wore her hair up in ponytails. Then the truth finally came out and it was because her hair was recovering from being terribly damaged. Her hair was really damaged from dying it an intense red while filming Victorious and Sam & Cat. So she has been giving her hair time to recover by clipping in extensions and just wearing it up.

Next, did you know you’ve been saying her name wrong all this time?!

14. You’re Pronouncing Her Last Name Wrong

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Ariana Grande’s name has been said on numerous television shows and radio shows. However, did you know that everyone has actually been pronouncing it wrong? According to her, even though everyone pronounces her last name ‘Grande’ like the drink at Starbucks, her grandfather actually says ‘grand-ee.’

13. She’s A Vegan

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All of us easily become obsessed with celebrity diet trends as celebs always have the best bodies and looks. For a while, everyone was dying to know how Ariana Grande has managed to stay so slim and toned! Well, Ariana credits her amazing body to her clean vegan diet. She said it was the only obvious choice since she had to give up dairy to keep her voice strong and she also really loves animals.

12. She Has A Potty Mouth

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We’re not sure if it’s Ariana’s sweet demeanor or her youthful appearance, but we just can’t imagine her cursing it up like a sailor. However, she has admitted that she often has quite the potty mouth and a slew of profanities can leave her mouth at any time. We can imagine that she must have had to knock this bad habit out for television and radio appearances.

11. She Grew Up On Her Nonna’s Italian Home Cooked Meals

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Ariana recently revealed to Complex that, “my nonna is the best cook in the world. We had Sunday sauce — the best marinara sauce ever. We had the Italian cookies and all that good stuff. Every Christmas she’d make zeppole and spiedini and everything Italian. Then I grew up and changed my diet completely.” Sounds absolutely delicious!

10. Four Octave Vocal Range

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Ariana Grande isn’t successful for no reason and her voice is pretty extraordinary. She actually has a four octave voice range. That means that she can hit incredibly low notes as well as very high ones. This is a pretty rare talent and it’s also why it’s such a pleasure to listen to her sing.

9. Master Impersonator

Image: YouTube

Believe it or not, but singing isn’t Ariana’s only talent. She also happens to be a master of doing impersonations of other singers and celebs. Every time she’s on a late night show, the hosts love to ask her to impersonate various singers. In fact, she does a killer impression of Celine Dion!

8. She Loves Dog

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Ariana absolutely adores dogs and they happen to be her favorite animal. Throughout her life, she’s had anywhere between 4 to 8 dogs at once. Even though her life is hectic at the moment that doesn’t stop her from giving a pup a home. Whenever she can’t attend to the dogs personally her team helps out and some of them actually live with her mom.

However, although she loves dogs there one’s animal that Ariana can’t be around…

7. Cat Allergy

Image: thetalko.com

Although Ariana is a huge animal lover there’s one animal that she can’t stand to be around: cats. No, it’s not because she hates them, it’s because she’s allergic to them! She shared her allergy with her fans back in 2010 when she tweeted out for them not to bring any cats to meet and greets.

6. Her First Big Role

Image: thetalko.com

It seems that Ariana has been talented from quite a young age and it all started with her first big role. When she was only 8, she managed to score the role of Annie in the Little Palm Family Theatre version of the production, in her home state of Florida. She absolutely nailed the performance and everyone knew that they were in the midst of a star!

5. Her Favorite Movie Is Bruce Almighty

Image: bostonherald.com

During an interview, Ariana let it slip out that Bruce Almighty is one of her absolute favorite movies. She was quoted saying that it’s “the greatest movie ever.” It seems that Ariana Grande must be a big fan of Jim Carrey’s wacky humor!

Although she has a soft spot for comedies, you won’t believe what her absolute favorite genre of movie is.

4. She Is Obsessed With Horror Movies

Image: thetalko.com

With such a sweet personality, we never would have guessed that Ariana actually has an obsession with horror movies. “I have had a sick obsession with horror movies since I was little. My mom thought I’d grow up to be a [maniac] because I wore Halloween masks around the house,” she told Us Magazine. Ariana proves that you should never judge a book by its cover.

3. She Believes In Ghosts & Aliens

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Since Ariana watches so many horror films, it wouldn’t be odd for her to believe in spirits and aliens. In fact, she has even spoken out about her experiences with supernatural occurrences. She has stated that she has had some pretty spooky encounters with ghosts before and that it scared her a lot!

2. Her First Concert

Image: Elle

Ariana Grande happens to be a huge fan of Katy Perry! In fact, the first concert that she ever attended was a Katy Perry concert. It must be pretty cool to work with another singer that you watched perform from out in the crowd.

1. She Loves A Beach Day

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Although she spends a lot of time in the studio recording her latest songs for her albums, there is nothing Ariana loves more than being outside. In fact, she absolutely adores having a beach day. “I am obsessed with the ocean and all kinds of sea creatures,” she told Us Magazine. So if she’s not at the recording studio then we can bet that we’d find her out on the beach.

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