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15 Mind Boggling X-Ray Photos That Will Make You Thankful You’re NOT A Doctor

15. Someone was Hungry

Image: All That Is Interesting

This woman swallowed an ENTIRE bundle of cutlery. She must have one seriously hyper-extended jaw. It’s possible she got drunk and confused it for a burrito, but we still can’t see how this would make it down someone’s throat without choking.

14. Snorting Nails is NEVER a Good Thing

Image: List25

This person amazingly survived a knife to the head. How? No clue, but the X-ray is pretty awesome just the same don’t you think?

13. So THAT’s Where The Ring Went!

Image: List25

Hopefully, this never happens to you. We can’t imagine what this poor woman was going through trying to find her wedding ring. The big question remains though, how did she swallow it?

12. Better Judgment

Image: Viral Thread

We guess that’s one place to put a gun if you’re trying to smuggle it on an airplane or into a non-carry area. However, the risks of it going off seem a little too great for us to try.

11. We Really Don’t Want to Know

Image: List25

Let’s just say that scissors and your intestines don’t mix. They aren’t edible and the end result is far from pleasant. We’ll leave it at that.

10. Talk about a Holly and Jolly Christmas!

Image: All That is Interesting

This certainly gives the saying, “have yourself a ‘merry’ little Christmas,” an entirely new meaning.

9. Don’t Pick Your Teeth with Scissors

Image: List25

A Japanese man decided to pick his teeth with a small pair of scissors and ended up swallowing them. “How,” you might ask—well, he started laughing at a joke. All we can say is…try a TOOTHPICK next time!

8. This Python was REALLY Cold

Image: List25

This X-ray may be confusing so let’s set the record straight. This is actually a python that swallowed a heating pad. It seems that he got quite cold during the night. We’re sure that gave him a serious case of indigestion.

7. Someone Get an Aspirin, Stat!

Image: List25

This man survived a knife to the head and went on to tell the tale. It’s amazing how resilient our bodies can be—if trauma is in just the right spot, you can avoid any serious damage. Personally, we’d like to not have a knife stuck in our head at all!

6. That’s a Mouthful

Image: Pinterest

We’ve heard of people having extra teeth, but this is just absolute insanity and a little gross. We’re sure this patient had no problem chewing through tough meat on any given day if that’s any consolation for him or her.

5. Remember, What Mama Said?

Image: RantPets

This is a perfect example of why you should NOT run with scissors. Yikes! The reconstructive surgery on that face must have been extensive. This is what happens when cutting during a wrapping party goes wrong.

4. Anyone Got an Aspirin?

Image: Pinterest

Apparently, you can survive being shot with an arrow. Who knew? We’re sure the doctor viewing this X-ray about soiled his pants. Can you imagine someone coming into the emergency room, walking and talking, with an arrow sticking out of their skull?

3. Nail Gun Murder


This is an actual X-ray from a murder investigation which needed to be taken to confirm the cause of death. Obviously, a nail gun was involved—why they needed an X-ray to realize that is beyond our comprehension.

2. Hope There’s a Spare

Image: Is It Ok That?

In what real-life situation would someone manage to swallow their house key? Honestly, how the heck does that happen? Here’s hoping they are being thorough when they go number-two, otherwise it could be quite some time before they get in their house.

1. Oops! Another Fork Bites the Dust!

Image: Pinterest

What’s up with all of these people swallowing cutlery? We can’t even swallow a pill, let alone an entire fork. That must have really hurt on the way down. Hope they removed it in time!

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