The 1975: 'Medicine' for the Masses

The 1975: ‘Medicine’ for the Masses

Courtesy of Brad Elterman via

Courtesy of Brad Elterman via

“Go down / soft sound / midnight / car lights / playing with her hair / breathing in the air / step into your skin / I’d rather jump on your bones / taking up your mouth so we could breathe through your nose.” Those were the first lines you heard from the phoenix-rising Manchester collective off their platinum self-titled EP in 2013. Lines that ultimately don’t make sense to the average human ear, but demand to be felt by the lonely heart; to the kids in the alley ways, and the hills overlooking cities. The 1975, and their songs for the dreamers, the fence-crossers, the heartbreakers, and the heartbroken, are really making a case for themselves with their new promo single, “Medicine,” off their upcoming sophomore album.

“And that’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt”, said Augustus Waters, fictional character from the hit blockbuster, The Fault in Our Stars. In contrast, Bob Marley once said, “One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” A definite contradiction in great sayings, but somehow, some way, The 1975 gives music that opens up the realities of both quotes with their unique and upbeat, yet eerie and melancholy sound.

Giving you a voice you’ve never quite heard before, mixed with a sound of the same echelon, The 1975 are in a league all their own. Born to a city where legendary bands such as Oasis and Joy Division made their names, they always embraced being from the same place, but never truly let it define them or their sound. It’s a shock that growing up, the main thing they listened to was 50s Soul such as Otis Redding, and 80s music like Prince and Michael Jackson’s Bad. Upon their groundbreaking self-titled EP, it seemed like nowhere but up for the Manchester indie-rock band.

Festivals upon festivals, with their names being thrown into a pool of great talent such as Chance the Rapper, Chvrches, Childish Gambino, Bastille, Wiz Khalifa, and even Snoop Dogg, their music was seen at new highs with as many as 40,000 in attendance. But, being as it was, it has been a full year since the collective had released any new projects for fans to lick their chops at. Although their attendance didn’t falter whatsoever, the band rode 2014 like the tsunami it was, still performing for sold-out crowds, and touring Europe, the US, and most notably, Asia (for the first time ever). They even made music with some of the biggest rappers/collectives/producers in the game, such as One Direction, Big Sean and Travis Scott.

Finally, with a much-anticipated arrival, the group premiered a song on BBC “Radio 1,” giving their millions of fans the “Medicine” they’d been hoping would heal a lifetime of ailments and wounds. What a song it was, diving into what some call “the strongest drug of all”: love. “Medicine” details what may be a personal retelling of living life at such a fast pace and finally meeting someone who could slow all of that down, to show the beauty of the moment. To say “I’d admit / I want to marry you” is certainly a big deal when you know you have thousands of girls at your doorstep, but only one you’d let sneak through the back door; not only to spend Friday and Saturday nights with, but Sunday mornings as well.

It cuts deep. Because that, to some of us, is something we either fear or have yet to experience. It’s also something we can relate to in the worst way, if we have parted ways with that significant other and regretted such a thing. They bring the feared reality that we have been trying to run away from for the better parts of our lives.

But as frightening and as insightful as their new single sounds, it also brings such a beautiful calm that makes you press the “Repeat One” button, making it the song of the day. It’s such a refreshing song, bringing fans something different than the singles we were used to on the last album, such as “Girls,” “Robbers,” “The City,” “Heart Out,” and “Chocolate;” major hits that were also recorded in the Motor Museum, in Liverpool, England.

Drive Like I Do, a moniker that the band took up years before they decided on the name, The 1975, seems to be a more fitting alias than ever, seeing as they could be in the driving seat going 0 to 100 with their upcoming sophomore album in such high regard. It’s all thanks to their awesome new single, “Medicine,” which is available on iTunes for purchase now. By the way, did we mention that The 1975’s own frontman Matthew Healy and drummer George Daniel wrote and produced all of their brilliant hit-singles themselves? Can someone say, “Men of many talents?” Just say The 1975. 

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