Top 20 Unbelievable WTF Facts (Part 1)

Top 20 Unbelievable WTF Facts (Part 1)

Top 20 Unbelievable WTF Facts (Part 1)

There are some things about this world that elicit a response that can only be described as “WTF.” Well, these 20 WTF facts will make you go “WTF” and then some. Here, we present our list of the top 20 most unbelievable WTF facts in the world. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for parts two and three, coming soon!

Number Twenty: Squirrels Can Be Arrested for Spying. In 2007, Iranian officials arrested not one, but 14 squirrels. Why, you ask? The officials suspected the squirrels of spying.

Number Nineteen: You Can Be Arrested for Collecting Water. In 2012, one man in Oregon was arrested and put in jail because he decided to collect some rain water. The rain water was supposedly “property of the state.” He was also fined $1,500. That’s some expensive rain!

Number Eighteen: Firefighters Can Be Murderers. In 2013, one girl was lucky enough to survive the Asiana plane crash. Though she survived the crash, she died on the ground after she was run over and killed by a responding fire truck.

Number Seventeen: Your Farts Could Smell Like Chocolate. There is currently a pill on the market designed to make flatulence smell like chocolate. Yum?

Number Sixteen: Animals Can Be Government Officials. The Roman emperor named Gaius Caligula thought so highly of his horse that he had it inducted into the senate. If ever there was somebody up on his high horse, we’re guessing it was this guy. And if you think Caligula is crazy for doing that, well, a cat has been the mayor of a town in Alaska for more than 15 years. So there’s that.

Number Fifteen: You Might Be Safer in Prison. One man who was in prison in Georga was going to be executed, so he knew his end was near. Well, the night before he was supposed to be executed, he escaped from prison and ended up in a bar. Well, he must have had one too many, because he got into a bar fight and was beaten to death in a way that was likely more brutal than how he would have been executed in prison. Stay tuned for parts two and three of our list of the top 20 unbelievable WTF facts, coming soon!

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