Black English – The Long Haul

In “The Long Haul” by Black English (formerly known as NO), we follow a young girl as she hitchhikes all alone. The blue-toned video matches the lyrics beautifully, with words like “it’s not worth stealing” accompanying her granola bar thievery at a gas station. When we see the girl chowing down on scraps of food and smoking behind a shed, it is clear she is struggling in a couple ways. Despite this, she grins between drags and seems slightly excited about her uncertain future. We follow her every step of the way as she changes her clothes in a grimy public bathroom and returns outside to steal an unlocked car from the side of the road. The girl finally makes her way to a cheap motel room and pounds down a bottle of whiskey, dancing alone until she falls asleep. Black English’s music video is wonderfully poignant against the chorus of the song, “It must get better than this / ‘cause as far as I can see / the world belongs to me.”

Actress –  Zaga Skerletovic
Directed by ESNAF
Director of photography – Jovan Todorović
Editor – Milena Z. Petrović
Colorist – Nikola Mrdalj
Color Grading – Media Plus, Belgrade, Serbia
Production house – More Media & EMOTE productions
Shot on locations in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & Nevada