Kye Kye – Honest Affection

Indie band Kye Kye’s video for “Honest Affection” is a beautiful visual journey following the relationship shared between a handsome samurai in training and a gorgeous geisha. Opening to vintage war footage, the words “All’s fair in love and war” are displayed at the center of the screen. Scenes of the band’s singer, Olga Yagolnikov, standing shrouded in shadow in a red-lit room are juxtaposed to those of the samurai training hard for battle. The beautiful geisha watches him from her home just across the pond.
In between these scenes, director Salomon Ligthelm cuts to more war footage of fighter jets exploding in the clouds and black and white recordings of the mushroom cloud aftermath of atom bombs being dropped from the sky. The video concludes just as it began, after showing romantic scenes of the couple rendezvousing by a pond as the lotus blossoms of Spring fall from the trees all around them.

Directed by Salomon Ligthelm