De La Romance – As We Feel

The beautiful time lapse landscape that starts off the video for “As We Feel” by De La Romance gives an immediately cinematic feel, like you’re sitting down to watch a movie. It almost seems like a movie trailer as we cut to a man sitting on a dock gazing out at the water. More dark, atmospheric time lapse as the non-vocal track continues to play, and we see other things; trees, fences, tall grass. Eventually, the person that was gazing out at the water is laying flat on his back on the docks, and when the erie vocals finally do cut in, we see him on the docks with another person next to him. It’s almost surreal how everything looks like stop motion animation because of the time lapse quality of the images, and it the lyrics keep repeating while the images keep rolling on and on, making it feel almost endless – it is like the song is stuck in a depression, repeating on a loop “this is the way that we feel.”

Directed by Laurent Pratlong © Addictive-image