Half Moon Run – No More Losing the War

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Half Moon Run’s video for “No More Losing The War” is simple, yet haunting. Beginning with eerie shots of levitating floorboards and playing cards, it immediately captures the dark overtones of the song. The camera is slightly out of focus as an abandoned cigarette burning in its ashtray and pigeons feeding are filmed in low light. These seemingly unrelated images are unsettling and lonely nonetheless as the narrative switches between them and a couple holding hands as they drive down the road on a gloomy, overcast day.
As the mood of the song lifts, so does the video’s, and the pigeons take off into flight as the lyrics “no more losing the war” are sung. Now, the same couple is shown in a field embracing eachother as the sun sets behind the trees. But these subtle highs and lows become increasingly dramatic, and just as we suspect that their trip has taken a positive turn, the director, Człowiek Kamera, hits us with a curveball. To find out what happens check out the entirety of this insanely suspenseful video.

Director: Człowiek Kamera
Producer: Piotr Twardowski
DOP: Michał Pukowiec
Production Design/Costumes/Props: Lochoho Agata “Wiewióra” Lepacka & Ewa Solecka
Editor: Natalia Olszańska
Make up artist: Aleksandra “Foka” Przyłuska
Camera operators/Assistants: Michał Pukowiec, Jan Jakub Wiatrzyk, Rafał Twardowski
Gaffer: Maciej Gamdzyk
Set decorator: Krzysztof Gotlib
Runners: Krzysztof Gotlib, Adam Rost, Maciej Rost
Cast: Maria Surzycka, Michał Biegański, Zbigniew Biegański
Produced by: ekipa.waw.pl
Co-produced by: Big Production, Michał Biegański, Michał Pukowiec, Lochoho, MX35, Heliograf
Camera rental: MX35

Special thanks to: Małgorzata Jabłońska, Aleksandra “Foka” Przyłuska, Adam Mendry, Phillip Kempa, Sara Milczarek, Katarzyna Tercz, Anna Solecka, Leszek Solecki, Maciej Kozłowski, Bartosz Szczesiul, Karol “Lolo” Sameryt, Anna Skorupska, Mateusz Zasiewski, Sebastian Klim, Tomasz Lewandowski, Adam Tan, Daniel Muciok, Elżbieta Piątek, Jolanta Biegańska, Zbigniew Biegański, Michał Żołnowski, Szymon Kurzawa, Mieczysław Wieczorek (Eurosprzęt), Indica Records, MX35, Heliograf, Akcja KoWork, strychnawroble.pl, Jarosław Denys denysowo.pl, Harry & Janusz, Lochoho

Webpage: halfmoonrun.com
Facebook: facebook.com/halfmoonrun
Twitter: twitter.com/halfmoonrun