Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla is Headed for the Unknown

Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla is Headed for the Unknown

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Chris Walla, the co-founder, producer, and multi-instrumentalist of indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie, announced online today that he is leaving the group. “I will miss being a quarter of this band and will support whatever course Death Cab for Cutie chooses from here,” Walla said in a statement. “I am profoundly grateful to Ben, Nick and Jason for the experiences that define my adult life. Truly grateful, beyond words. Thank you.” Walla will not leave until after the band finishes their scheduled festival dates, including headling at Rifflandia in Victoria, British Columbia.

Death Cab for Cutie is currently working on recording their eighth studio album in Los Angeles. Unlike the first seven which were produced by Walla, the new, yet-to-be-titled album will be produced by Rich Costey of Interpol and Franz Ferdinand. Expected release of the LP is scheduled for early 2015 after which the band will tour in support of the album, but without one fundamental member. “We’ve had an incredible 17 years of making music with Chris and are very proud of what we’ve accomplished together, including our eighth studio album, which we have just put the finishing touches on,” stated Walla’s bandmates Ben Gibbard, Nick Harmer and Jason McGerr. “We will miss Chris and wish him all the best in the next chapter of his career. We’re excited about sharing new music, and seeing all of you very soon.”

As for Walla, a man of many talents, he’s not sure what’s next on his agenda, saying he “longs for the unknown” but admits he feels sad about leaving the band. “Deciding to leave the band was not, and is not, easy,” he says in his statement to Slog. “It’s really, really sad. I love my bandmates, and I’m proud of what we’ve done, and mercifully, those things don’t change with my departure. Moving forward, my plans are simply to continue making music, producing records, and erring on the side of benevolence and beauty whenever possible. Darkness may find me, but I shall never choose it.” Although Walla is headed into the unknown, we can be sure he will always find a project to work on, be it producing, performing, or recording.

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