Electrosexual – Lay My Eye

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The various lifestyles of a young woman fascinate you as your watch Electrosexual’s music video for “Lay My Eye.” She is glamorous, with model-type beauty, meandering around elegant furnishings, looking at expensive artwork, sipping quality liquor, wearing designer clothes. She appears to be, in effect, a designer-woman. She is also a more middle class girl, in denim and cotton, walking through the slightly rougher city streets. She hitches rides, she has to fend off unwanted advances, she slugs beer from a can hidden in a brown paper bag. This girl eats tacos from a food truck, and looks into the windows of eclectic costume shops.
The music video weaves the two women’s lifestyles, aligning them so as to display how drastic the difference between them is. We see the middle class girl’s life through a grittier, grayish lens, whereas the designer – woman is viewed through crystal-clear, well-light camera shots. There is no comment, however, on which lifestyle is better – merely observation them both side by side.

Video Directed by Christine Rho
Debut Album Art Support Machine: smart url.it/ArtSupportMachine.Lp
LP Vinyl Picture Disc & Digital: electrosexual.bandcamp.com/album/art-support-machine
Website: electrosexual-official.com
Facebook: facebook.com/LCTRSXUAL
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/electrosexual

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