The/Das – Miami Waters

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The new music video from The/Das titled “Miami Waters” focuses on a sea captain as he wanders around a rather barren and slightly abandoned-looking seaside resort and naval lookout post. He leaps over the jagged coastal rocks in his military uniform, he observes the ocean through binoculars, he looks out over the horizon from the broken, open windows of a high building at the beach’s edge. He is the “Captain of the Miami Waters.”
Halfway through, another fellow shows up, in a straw hat, khaki pants and a blue polo shirt. He is lounging everywhere imaginable in the scene, sometimes playing with palm fronds. There is no one else is sight, aside from the two gents, and two more mysterious figures; a nude sunbather face-down on her blanket and a be-toweled man whose face is covered by the fluffy white cloth. The whole time, the Captain is making his rounds, and enjoying the feel of the sun on his face as he does. The feeling is that of being at the beach just before sunset.

Camera: Kieran Holencik (crystalmafia) & Alma Frederyke Sauerbrey
Color correction: Markus Badow (bowcouleur)
Produced by Sinnbus

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