Gerard Way Goes 80’s Rock in New Music Video

Gerard Way Goes 80s Rock in New Music Video - ppcorn

Gerard Way, former My Chemical Romance frontman, has released a new music video for the first single off of his upcoming solo debut album Hesitant Alien. The video for “No Shows” is like an insane trip back to the 80’s, in its costuming, set design and cinematography. No more pale-faced, black-clothed goth look for Way. Instead, he’s donned a blue suit you’d normally find on a Brit rocker, which is apparently exactly where Way got the idea, saying he was inspired by David Bowie, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, the Pixies, and Damon Albarn of Blur.

The music video features hairstyles, fashion, and makeup of the 80’s, including plastic wigs, heavy eyeliner (Way hasn’t managed to ditch that yet) and lipstick, and neon-colored clothes. It opens with the host of TV show “Pink Station Zero” in a sparkly silver suit, introducing Way as “Making his intergalactic television debut.” Diamond-shaped set parts and high-tech (for the 80’s) lights abound. Way is on stage, performing for a crowd of subdued people. For performing a rock song, not very many people are rocking out. The song itself is woozy and distorted, with lots of fuzz guitar and filtered vocals, and the music video matches. Kaleidoscope shots of the blurred lights with Way in the center zoom in and out, while Way’s lip-syncing just barely lines up with the track. He tosses his orange-dyed hair around, doing a quiver dance as he sings almost unintelligible lyrics. The tune is catchy, though, and definitely has the potential to be an ear-worm, therefore possibly a radio hit.

While the music video certainly throws you back, leading you down the old nostalgic memory lane, we’ll have to wait for Reprise Records to release Hesitant Alien on September 30th to see if the rest of the album will make us trip back to the age of “intergalactic television.”