Metallica In Antarctica And More 2014 Records

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The iconic heavy metal rockers have set a worldwide record. Metallica has just been awarded a place in the Guinness World Records 2015 edition. Their achievement: the first band to ever tour all seven continents. The task was made complete last year when the rockers gave a performance in Antarctica. Their tour stretched over North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and finished on December 8th with the icy landmass – the whole thing took a year.

“Seven continents in one year, with Antarctica being the gig of a lifetime,” said James Hetfield. 120 scientists and competition winners were in attendance, and according to Hetfield, “Not to mention the 300 very curious penguins!” The event was titled “Freeze ‘Em All” (a play off their 30-year-old debut album, Kill ‘Em All). They performed ten of their biggest tracks for the small crowd in a protective dome. In accordance with Antarctic protocol, amplifiers (held in isolation cabinets) transmitted the performance to headphones worn by each audience member.

Here are the other musical artists to set a record this year:

Miley Cyrus – After her twerking, shocking, and nearly-nude swinging on a wrecking ball, the pop star earned the titled of “Most searched-for Pop Star on the Internet.”

One Direction – The boy wonders have distinguished themselves – they’re the first act to debut at Number One with their first three albums. Niall Horan announced, “This really is one of our proudest moments, both for us and our incredible fans…Whenever we talk about it, we always say how it is that we did it first – how sick is that!”

Shakira – With the achievement of becoming the first person to reach 100 million likes, she beat out Rihanna for “Most ‘liked’ person on Facebook.”

Katy Perry – The many, many hits of Katy Perry have helped her gain the most followers on Twitter of anyone who tweets (a whopping 52,463,838).

Eminem – He managed to fit the most words (coming in with a short-collegiate-essay tally of 1,560) into a single hit, “Rap God.”

The 2015 edition of Guinness World Records will mark their 60th anniversary. It comes out September 10th.