When Dan Swanö Takes Over Swedish Edge of Sanity

Courtesy of mediaboom.org
Courtesy of mediaboom.org

Edge of Sanity is one of those lesser-known bands that made some of the best Death Metal albums out there, but never got the attention they deserved. The man behind the band was the one and only Dan Swanö, one of the few multi-instrumentalist geniuses. For the second time in his career, he wrote and recorded all of the instruments (the previous one being his solo album, Moontower), except for a few guitar solos and a few vocal passages. Those were recorded by guest musicians. Crimson II is how he intended the original Crimson album to sound before his bandmates put his ideas into the song. Although they are different, they are both very good albums with a characteristic sound. As with the first album, this one only includes one song, “Crimson II”, and it is 43 minutes long.

The lyrics are about a dystopian future where a nun gets pregnant by reading a forbidden tome. Her child is the reincarnation of the girl on Crimson, and the story follows her mother as she tries to kill her. The lyrics are very original and refreshing in a genre where death, mythology, blood and war topics predominate.

The music is incredible, with amazing guitar licks and solos. The keyboards fit the topic of the song very well, setting the mood of a gothic future where hope for mankind is lost. The drums are nothing spectacular on their own, but with the other instruments, they sound very good. The bass guitar is barely audible, but when you can hear it, you hear some of the best bass guitar you’ve ever heard. The parts that are sung in clean vocals are incredible. Dan really has a great voice.

Overall, Crimson II came to be one of his best albums, with the longest song I have ever heard. There will obviously be comparisons between this album, Moontower and Crimson. Although there are similarities between Crimson II and those other two albums, there will always be similarities between the works of one artist. Take Arjen Lucassen, for example – there are similarities between Ayreon, Star One, and all his other projects. Crimson II is one of the best Progressive Death Metal albums, and deserves to be considered a classic by the whole Metal community – not just Progressive Death fans.