Brooke Fraser: ‘Kings and Queens’ Single Review

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Brooke Fraser’s latest single “Kings and Queens” is setting the accomplished singer/songwriter on a new path. Hailing from New Zealand, the thirty year-old has spent the last four years working on the follow up to her third album Flags. Hitting No. 1 and No. 3 in New Zealand and Australia respectively, the singer has made a name for herself with her soulful voice and folk melodies. With Kings and Queens,” the second single from her upcoming album Brutal Romantic due November 14th, we meet an older, more adventurous Fraser who is willing to push musical bounds and question the status quo.

Featuring a heavy dance and electronic sound, “Kings and Queens” immediately sets itself apart from Fraser’s previous work. Written with husband Scott Ligertwood, the repetition of the opening phrase, “We’ve come a long way you know, seems nearly symbolic of Fraser’s growth as an artist. With an addictive beat, the verses strip back the synth and listeners hear the pure tones of Brooke’s voice. In this, fans are given a taste of the Brooke they know; the heartfelt singer/songwriter intent on communicating a message of hope and purpose. As the song continues and we enter the dance anthem of a chorus, it becomes clear that this is indeed still the same artist we knew four years ago. Her tones are full of light and shade, her vocals are effortless and riveting, and her lyrics are poignant and beautiful as she shares a soul stirring message about walking through the dark moments, rising above the past, and celebrating our infinite worth.

With a breakdown in the bridge reminiscent of Florence and the Machine, this tune is catchy and unique. Different in tone to the haunting vocals of her lead single “Psychosocial,” “King and Queens” is a fresh take from a singer who clearly has a lot more to share with the world. Touring North America, New Zealand and Australia in early 2015, “Kings and Queens” indicates that we will see a lot more of Fraser’s bold and riveting new sound in the future. Brooke’s album Brutal Romantic will be released on November 14th in Australia, North America, New Zealand and Asia. It comes to Europe in Spring 2015.

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