Army of the Pharaohs: New Video, Album Details

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The underground hip-hop supergroup known as Army of the Pharaohs recently released the official music video for “Terrorstorm.” This is the first single off the group’s upcoming fifth studio album, Heavy Lies The Crown, due out Tuesday, October 21st.

Originally formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by frontman Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, the longtime lyricist has seen the AOTP roster go through many changes since first forming back in 1998. Currently host to Celph Titled, Block McCloud, Reef the Lost Cauze, Esoteric,Crypt the Warchild and Apathy, there is no question that each one of these MCs are fit for the aggressive hip-hop style that represents The Army of the Pharaohs. From their voices to their lyrics and delivery, this ensemble of underground rappers seem like the type of people you simply do not approach under any circumstances. However, their newest video release tells a different story.

According to AOTP member, Esoteric, “We’ve had a few silly moments in our careers individually, but as AOTP, we’ve always been the mic-murdering, metaphor-mastering monsters who never crack a smile. The truth is, we clown around all the time and I hope this collective effort shows you a side seldom seen from us.” The concept behind the “Terrorstorm” music video follows a format that you would expect to see out of a professional wrestling showcase on network television. Before any of the music hits your ears, an interview introduces you to a feud between two wrestling empires known as the Chikara Crew (played by superstars of Chaka Pro) and Pharaoh Army (played by members of AOTP). The interview cuts out to prior footage of the Chikara Crew ambushing Sleezar Millan, a member of the Pharaoh Army, in a public bathroom just as the music starts. Next, a tag-team style wrestling match between the two feuding cliques ensues and the rest of the video introduces each member of AOTP as their wrestling counterparts. The “Terrorstorm” video was directed by Prime Cut and produced by Enemy Soil Films.

The Army of the Pharaohs is set to make a rare appearance on the west coast next week playing venues in Orange County and Los Angeles to promote their newest project, Heavy Lies The Crown. The LP offers a plethora of guest appearances found throughout the 14 tracks and will be available a month earlier than previously announced. This will be AOTP’s second album of the year following the April release of In Death Reborn and both albums come courtesy of Vinnie Paz’s independent record label, Enemy Soil.