B-Real and Berner Release New Mixtape and Video

Courtesy of AAP

Courtesy of AAP

B-Real of Cypress Hill is still going strong, putting out music and pushing the marijuana movement as he has been since the late 80s. This time, he has teamed up with new school marijuana-loving emcee, Berner of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang. The two have come together from completely different backgrounds with the same intentions of making timeless hip-hop hits that they commonly refer to as “Get High Music.”

The new mixtape titled, Prohibition, brings San Francisco native and COOKIE (weed strain and lifestyle brand) cultivator, Berner, together with Southern California’s very own Dr.Greenthumb for 8 weed smoking anthems. In track number 4, “1 Hit,” Berner shows that through all the weed smoke, he’s still a peaceful family man. He states “I’m old school really few suckas wanna kill me, why? I just wanna live for my kids and enjoy my high.” Prohibition also features two of today’s most famous voices in hip-hop weed culture with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa making guest appearances among others. Officially released on Tuesday, October 14th, the mixtape can be downloaded for free on Datpiff.com or if you’d like to support the artists, head over to iTunes and pick up the collaborative effort for only $6.99.

Currently on the road for the “World Wide Rollers Tour,” B-Real and Berner are touring the entire country doing what they do best; blowing smoke and performing live music in front of thousands of their fans. Presented by The Smoker’s Club, the tour features three of the four members of the self-proclaimed “Mount Kushmore,” including Redman, Methodman and B-Real. Also on board traveling through all 36 cities are new comers to the 5th annual tour, Berner and Mick Jenkins.

Earlier this week, the Prohibition duo released the official music video for the first single off the mixtape, “Shatter.” The video, directed by David Camarena, starts off with a shot of Berner walking down a hallway through the eyes of a surveillance camera. From then on, the video features an abundance of medical marijuana concentrate known as shatter, as well as the budding plant itself. Since the theme of the song revolves around this subject, it should come to no surprise that B-Real, Berner and company are seen throughout the video blazing up and enjoying all different kinds of smoke from concentrates to flowers. The video already has over 45,000 views on YouTube.

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