Beach House Unveils New Song in Montreal

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Beach House has put out four studio albums in the past eight years. Their first album, which was self-titled, was released in 2006. The next one was called Devotion, and was released in 2008. Two years later, we got Teen Dream, followed by Bloom in 2012. There has been very consistent time between releases, and a person doesn’t need to be good at math to see that pattern.

Fans throughout the world have hoped for a follow up to Bloom in 2014, but that doesn’t appear likely. However, at the end of their Northern Exposure tour they dropped a hint that there is something in the works.

At a recent stop in Montreal, they played a new song. As of this moment, its  name is unknown. An audience member captured one and a half minutes of said song from a few feet away, and from what we can see and hear, it sounds like Beach House is up to their old tricks – or treats, if you’re a fan.

The snippet features elements of what has made the band popular: Victoria Legrand’s vocals, an emphasis on synthesizer, and precise guitar work. A minute and a half is not a lot of time (one might assume it was only a snippet of the new song) to absorb, but Beach House fans are excited to hear new work.

What are the takeaways? The obvious one is that the band has new material. The other is that it’s akin to the music that has made the Baltimore duo dream pop darlings in recent years. They haven not yet released a date for a new album, nor have they publicly talked about a new album. However, by the looks and sound of it, there is something new cooking in their kitchen.

With the year drawing to a close, it is possible we will not see any new material by the end of 2014. Although, fans have observed that a 2015 release would stray from their pattern of even numbers. Either way, it would appear that they have something in the works. For many, the minute and a half from Montreal is enough for now. 

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