Gorillaz Frontman Says to Expect Album in 2016

Courtesy of lesoir.be

Courtesy of lesoir.be

Damon Albarn, best known for his work as the primary vocalist for the alternative rock/hip-hop group, Gorillaz, has recently announced that the band plans to release a new album in 2016. Best known for portraying themselves as animated characters almost exclusively, the album will be the latest release from the group since The Fall, an LP released in 2011. In light of this news, the last few months seem to have been rich with music-making opportunities for the singer.

Albarn, for the most part, has spent his career doing collaborations with other artists. Some of whom range from British trip-hop group Massive Attack, to the likes of Nigerian drummer and composer Tony Allen. Recently, though, he’s taken more time to focus on his own music. The singer spent a good portion of this year on tour for his debut solo album entitled Everyday Robots. Released last April, Albarn understandably describes the body of work as his “most personal record.”

He also revealed that he has plans of getting back into the studio to work on yet another music project he shares with Paul Simonon and Simon Tong of the Clash and the Verve, respectively. The supergroup, which Tony Allen is a part of as well, plans to get to work on the follow-up LP to their debut 2007 self-titled album, The Good, the Bad & the Queen.  According to the London-born singer, all of the songs that belong on it have been written, and now, it’s just a matter of recording them.

While Albarn’s focus seems fixed on both Gorillaz and The Good, the Bad & the Queen, he prefers not to directly address any questions fans have about another collaboration of his known as Blur. He recently told an online news site, “I would imagine there’s some kind of future [for Blur], but at the moment there’s no time for the future – only the present.” He goes on to explain that he wishes not to say too much about the band because “it [will] just get taken out of context and then I’m accused of being a wind-up.” Otherwise, Albarn is currently keeping himself busy working on a children’s book based on one of London’s West End musicals.

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