7 Reasons the S Club 7 Reunion is the Best

Courtesy of huffingtonpost.co.uk

Courtesy of huffingtonpost.co.uk

It’s okay to randomly break out into “Reach” at any given moment: And people won’t stare and judge you for your taste in 00s music. In fact, they’ve probably been closet S Club fanatics all these years too, and if they are smart, will join you in song and dance akin to High School Musical.

The British accents: When it comes down to it, there’s just something magical and oh-so-late-90s about a band of guys and girls (sorry One Direction) who speak and sing with that iconic twang and British civility in their voices.

S Club marathons: Not only can we (now admittedly) put the S Club discography on shuffle and jam to it all day at work, but we can also watch their TV series’ and movie again, and again, and again. If you’re anything like me, you’ve missed those cheesy lyrics, synchronised dancing and horrible plot lines after a 10 year hiatus and are ready for a refuel.

We can revel in nostalgia: Any band Reunion means we have permission to say, “I remember when they sang that,” and “Do you remember when I wore those pseudo leather pants that were red?” The fact S Club 7 is back means we get to laugh at all those moments we actually believed it was cool to color code our friends so we could be just like the S Club crew.

We can relive the romance: It’s been a decade. By now, you’d think we would have gotten over the whole, “Jon’s looking for romance,” thing, but let’s be real, we haven’t. So while Rachel, Bradley, Jo, Jon, Paul, Hannah and Tina have gone on living their lives and have moved on, we’ll catapult ourselves into the past and reminisce on what potentially never was.

“Which S Club 7 Member Are You?” quizzes will take over our news feed: Which means that we get to enjoy answering completely un-scientific questions that will apparently tell us who would be our BFF, or who we would date in the band. It’s gonna be awesome.

There are actually seven of them: Not six, as was when Paul left. Not three (I still can’t wrap my mind around that concept), but seven. Seven beautifully iconic people who, when they stand next to each other, transform into the power pop band that was S Club 7. I’d say they deserve a movie for the effort, but they’ve already done that.

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