Breaking News: CMJ Show Cancelled in Ebola Scare

Courtesy of Huffington Post

Courtesy of Huffington Post

It has just been reported that one of the CMJ Music Marathon performances will not take place tonight due to an apparent Ebola scare in the Williamsburg area. The Goodnight Records show at The Gutter, which was to feature the bands, Heaven, Big Sleep, Friend Roulette, and Sun Club, has officially been cancelled due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The scare is mostly being pieced together in speculative tweets, so it is not entirely clear how the Ebola disease may have directly affected the festival tonight. The story currently circulating involves a New York City doctor named Craig Spencer, who The New York Times reported on earlier today, tested positive for Ebola after treating patients in Guinea. Spencer represents the city’s first diagnosed case of the disease.

CNN producer Vaughn Sterling has tweeted additional information. Spencer apparently did not self-quarantine when returning to the country. Yesterday, he allegedly used the Über car service promoted by the CMJ Music Marathon to travel to “a Williamsburg bowling alley.” Afterwards, he began to experience fever, pain, and nausea. Earlier this afternoon, Sterling also tweeted that the Center For Disease Control (CDC) would be heading to New York City to attend to the outbreak.

The Brooklyn Bowl, a popular bowling alley-venue in Williamsburg, tweeted that they are aware of the story, but have not been contacted by any authorities. They have no further information at this time. By method of elimination, many concluded that Spencer must have travelled to The Gutter, another bowling alley-venue in Williamsburg. Seeing as tonight’s CMJ show has been cancelled, it is possible that the initial Ebola rumors were grounded in truth. FDRMX is awaiting further details at this time.

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