Kids In Glass Houses at The Waterfront: Event Review

Courtesy of Charlotte Adams via Twitter
Courtesy of Charlotte Adams via Twitter

Emotions were running high at Norwich’s Waterfront last Thursday, as Kids In Glass Houses stopped by for their Farewell Tour. The Welsh five-piece, who boast four UK Top 40 albums, have decided to call it a day after a hugely successful career. The news of their split was announced via Facebook ahead of details on their 21-date tour. “This is the end of Kids In Glass Houses. Amicably and on our own terms. The way we always promised ourselves it would be.” The lads hit Norwich’s Waterfront with Save Your Breath dates ahead of their Halloween finale in Cardiff.

Kids In Glass Houses are a band known for knocking out crowd pleasers. “Give Me What I Want” and “Undercover Lover” are tracks you can’t help but belt out the words to. But with the band in front of you, and 400 like-minded fans at your side, Kids In Glass Houses hits a whole new level. The band bounded onto the stage with unrelenting energy, blaring out “Artbreaker I” right along with the crowd. Aled Phillips’ vocals were on point from the start, boasting his raw skill as the band performed a set spanning their lengthy career, including “Fisticuffs,” “Dance All Night,” and “Easy Tiger,” from their 2008 release, Smart Casual. “Drive,” “Animals,” “Sunshine,” and “The Morning Afterlife” were also performed.

It was a sentimental show with the band’s days being numbered, but this fact only ignited their passion. The energy was at its peak during “Lilli Rose,” with Phillips recounting memories of playing the track in the city. It was then time for Kids In Glass Houses to take a breather, the band leaving Phillips on stage with an acoustic guitar to perform “Raise Hell.”

Artbreaker II” quickly brought the crowd back to hysteria, the band’s performance being musically immaculate from start to finish. But Kids In Glass Houses left the fan favourites for the encore, the melded voices of the masses near drowning Phillips out during “Peace,” “Youngblood (Let It All Out),” “Saturday,” and “Matters at All.”

It was a reluctant parting of ways. Kids In Glass Houses have dominated the UK pop-punk scene since 2003, and the roar of the crowd as they left the stage in Norwich proves just how much they’ll be missed. The show was definitely one of the best they’ve played in the city, and despite the heartbreak of it being the last time, what a way to go out!