Atreyu Announce Sixth LP, Cite Multi-label Effort

Courtesy of Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Courtesy of Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Seminal post-hardcore group Atreyu have certainly been busy, of late – even if they have been somewhat clandestine in going about it. Yesterday, the band announced their signing to Search and Destroy Records, as well as their intent to release a new album next year. The new release will be the product of a partnership between Search and Destroy, Raw Power Management, and Spinefarm Records.

This announcement comes exactly two months after the band released the untitled album’s first single, “So Others May Live” on their website, free for download. The song, which frontman Alex Varkatzas described as being “inspired by one of [his] best friends, who is ex-military,” represented the first work submitted to the listening public by the band since the release of their 2009 full-length, Congregation of The Damned. Atreyu’s fifth studio LP, Congregation was issued through Hollywood Records, which also released the band’s preceding album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor in 2007. Both albums experienced relative success, if not much critical acclaim, debuting at numbers 18 and 8, respectively, on the Billboard 200.

Atreyu first rose to prominence in the early 2000s with songs like “Lip Gloss and Black” and “Ain’t Love Grand,” and were something of the posterboys for the guyliner-sporting, women’s-jeans-clad early-2000s metalcore scene. Some may remember their feud with fellow Orange County, California metalcore outfit Avenged Sevenfold, which garnered both bands more attention in the burgeoning scene. At one point or another, Atreyu were also, in all likelihood, the highest earning band on Victory Records—this was long before Victory founder Tony Brummel’s public drubbing by the music industry and its accompanying media in light of allegations of some extremely shady business practices.

However, as the metalcore scene waned in overall popularity, so did the relevance of Atreyu. The band went on an informal, three-year-or-so hiatus at some point in 2011. During this break, most of the band’s members pursued their own musical endeavors, with Varkatzas forming a project called I Am War, drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller founding Hell or Highwater, and guitarist Travis Miguel becoming involved with Fake Figures, an alt-scene supergroup of sorts.

Over the past year, though, Atreyu have dropped multiple teaser videos hinting at a reunion and the creation of new music, released a single, and have now announced a four-way band-label-management cooperative effort—they’ve done all this slowly, deliberately, in a cloak-and-dagger sort of way befitting their general aesthetic. Their album still remains unnamed and a release date more specific than “2015” has yet to be marked on anyone’s calendars. But Atreyu’s members seem optimistic given this new revelation. Said Saller of the partnership, “We’re truly excited for this union. Signing with Spinefarm/Search And Destroy will truly allow us to create without restraint. We are looking forward to the future.”