Azealia Banks Announces Surprise Album Release

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Over the past few years, fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of Azealia Banks’ debut album. Ever since the Harlem-based rapper emerged onto the scene with the Lazy Jay featuring “212” over two summers ago, the artist has been on quite a rollercoaster of a journey in trying to produce an a full length body of work.

Having already left XL Recordings, Banks went onto sign a record deal with Universal, but left this past July due to disputes between herself and the label. Whilst the record’s title, Broke With Expensive Taste, had already been confirmed by Banks, any details regarding the actual content of the LP however have remained an ongoing mystery. This was mainly due to the fact that the record continued to be delayed with Banks chopping and changing the material on numerous occasions.

Over the past few days however, Azealia has blacked out her social-networking sites with an image of the hashtag “#BWET” faintly etched in gold, giving fans a hint that the album’s release date was fast approaching. A couple of hours ago, Azealia also shared a short video via her Instagram which slowly revealed the accompanying cover. The artwork too, follows a similar colour scheme to the images that have been posted online. It depicts a ballerina poised midway through a pirouette as the title is embellished in gold typography to contrast against the black background. Along with the cover, the album’s track-listing was leaked on Spotify with a release date of November 7 (tomorrow), which was confirmed by the rapper via Twitter moments ago.

Broke With Expensive Taste will feature 16 songs, some of which either made an appearance on Azealia’s Fantasea mixtape or have been released prior to the announcement. The full tracklisting is as follows: 1. “Idle Delilah”, 2. “Gimmie A Chance”, 3. “Desperado”, 4 “JFK” (featuring Theophilus London), 5. “212” (featuring Lazy Jay), 6. “Wallace”, 7. “Heavy Metal and Reflective”, 8. “BBD”, 9. “Ice Princess”, 10. “Yung Rapunxel”, 11. “Soda”, 12. “Chasing Time”, 13. “Luxury”, 14. “Nude Beach A-Go Go”, 15. “Miss Amor” and 16. “Miss Camaraderie”. Most noticeably, the Pharrell Williams produced “ATM Jam” (stylised as “#ATMJAM”) which was released last March was removed by Azealia from the album’s tracklisting due to the negative feedback that it received.

Despite the long wait, US fans can now purchase Broke With Expensive Taste on iTunes now. Further details regarding the release are yet to be announced.

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