Waka Flocka Partners Up to End Ebola Crisis

Courtesy of mstarz.com

Courtesy of mstarz.com

Hip-hop artist Waka Flocka Flame has teamed up with WakaWaka, a company that strives to provide solutions for those in both the developed market and developing world by manufacturing inexpensive, solar powered lamps and chargers. The company — whose name appropriately means “Shine Bright” in Swahili — recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to provide funding for the development of WakaWaka Base, the first ever solar powered first aid kit. The social venture hopes to assist those in West African countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone — places at the center of the Ebola crisis — where many people have little to no access to electricity.

In exchange for every donation contributed to the first aid kit’s development campaign, WakaWaka will provide a solar powered light not only to families affected by the Ebola epidemic, but to the doctors, nurses, and first responders in the region as well. Camille van Gestel, the Founder and CEO of WakaWaka, broke down the goals of the effort, explaining, “Our mission is to use the power of the sun to unite and empower people to light their world. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, position, or predicament, has the ability to be an agent of light that can spark positive change.”

She continues, “By helping to marshal the call for much needed solar power in Ebola stricken countries, Waka Flocka Flame is truly a formidable #AgentofLight.” Through the partnership, both Waka Flocka Flame and WakaWaka hope to unite the rapper’s global fan base enough to bring as much awareness to the issues of energy poverty and the Ebola virus as possible.

In addition to the opportunity to simply lend a hand to those in need, by participating, fans of the hip-hop artist are also granted the opportunity to win free concert tickets, or even attend his next music video shoot. “This simple yet brilliant idea can literally bring people out of the dark in parts of the world that are indeed suffering,” said the rapper. “Join me in celebrating the type of innovation that helps change lives for the better. If you’re down with Waka Flocka contribute now to WakaWaka!” To learn more about the campaign, check out WakaWaka’s Kickstarter page.

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