Dirty Heads: ‘Sound of Change’ Album Review

Courtesy of pop-break.com
Courtesy of pop-break.com

Hailing from the West Coast, Huntington Beach to be exact, the Dirty Heads have been on the scene since their first album, Any Port In The Storm dropped in 2008. While their earlier albums had some very strong singles, their newest album is full of superstar singles that give it a very original feel. The fourth studio album released in July of this year by the reggae/rock/rap hybrid band is the appropriately titled, Sound of Change, which highlights the musical evolution and diversity of this group.

The stoner anthem single, “Medusa,” features Ward 21 dropping lyrics like “chop up the beat like I used a yakuza / we got the producer / he supah dee dupah / and I am so stoned like I checked out Medusa,’ which I found to be a clever reference to everyone’s favorite gorgon. I have to admit that I really enjoyed all the pop culture references on this album. “Franco Eyed,” has Dirty J dropping names like Patrick Swayze and Carrie Underwood, along with the obvious reference to famous stoner James Franco. 

The title track changes up the feel of the album. Musically, it sounds more complete and full to me. It also has a back beat track that for some reason makes me want to go on an adventure. Lyrically, the single is very inspiring. It’s almost like Dirty J is your very own motivational coach with lines like “You’re building it up / they’re breaking it down / want to give up / keep holding your ground / you’re turning it up / they’re deaf to the sound / oh the sound of change.”

But the whole album isn’t just about stoners and staying strong. Dirty Heads also have a soft spot – well, sort of. A more upbeat love ballad-esque song, “End of the World,” tells the tale of being in love. Although, when I hear lyrics like “she asked where I wanna go / I said the end of the world with you / she said I feel like I’m home / at the end of the world with you” I can’t help but imagine a very different conversation. Was she asking where they should go eat, and he made a joke and it somehow turned into this song? That may just be me, though.

The single that caused the biggest stir would have to be “My Sweet Summer.” Produced by Niles from The Cataracts, the single reminds me of falling in love with a one-night stand. “She left in the morning / gone without warning / fun while it lasted / lost in the moment” all sounds like something you would say about a summer fling. But obviously there was more to it, when you throw in words like “Cause there’s another one you’re loving and I hate to see you go.” With its wide range of sound, and lyrical interaction, there is definitely something for everyone on this album. The Dirty Heads have definitely captured the sound of change on this one.