Calvin Harris: ‘Slow Acid’ Single Review

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Calvin Harris recently released his latest album titled Motion, and one of the songs on it is called “Slow Acid,” which I have absolutely fallen in love with. If you’re looking for a new style of Calvin Harris music, this is definitely the song you have to listen to. The song is aptly named, and although I have no idea what slow acid could possibly mean or refer to, this song sounds like slow acid. I don’t know, just bear with me for a second here.

If you’ve heard a recent Calvin Harris song, you know it’s usually all vocals and fun, upbeat rhythms that you can get down to at a club on Friday night. It’s what we have learned to expect from Calvin Harris, and he’s been on a roll releasing amazing singles over the past two years. But this song, “Slow Acid,” is unlike anything I’ve heard before. I can’t even say it sounds like Calvin Harris, because it doesn’t. It’s this rugged, far-from-mainstream, electronic and edgy song that you’ll want to keep on replay.

For starters, this song has zero vocals. I am not even kidding, there is not a single voice in the entire four and a half minutes except for this one “Woo!” played every now and then. But it’s kind of what makes me love this song, and what makes it so different. Another thing that makes this song unlike all the other Calvin Harris songs we know is its slow pace (hence, “Slow Acid”). It’s not an upbeat song that you can dance endlessly to. You can still jam to it, by bobbing your head and moving a little slower to match the beat, but it’s not like “Thinking About You” or anything.

There are so many dynamics to this song that make it sound so cool; I can’t even explain it. It’s got this weird sound to it that reminds me of dubstep, and yet, that’s not what it is. It alternates between this really harsh, hard electronic sound to something that sounds more like Calvin Harris’ recent stuff. It’s amazing, and a nice change coming from him. If I ever heard this at a music festival, I would pass out from how great the song is. The vibe is so different, but so fun, I can listen to it all night without getting tired of it.

For all you Calvin Harris lovers out there: if you have yet to listen to his album, specifically “Slow Acid,” get to it. You will not be disappointed. The amount of effort he must have put into these songs does not go unnoticed. He did a phenomenal job staying in the game as a top tier artist. He also proves that he’s got something in him, still creating music like his first few songs from way back when. Calvin Harris has been killing it with music lately, and I hope he doesn’t stop.

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