Goapele at Highline Ballroom: Event Review

Courtesy of FDRMX
Courtesy of FDRMX

In the very first performance on her Strong As Glass tour, everything about Goapele’s show at Highline Ballroom blew us away. There was an amazing setup of lighting, sound, and visuals, and a full audience of all ages and ethnicities. From start to finish, all eyes were on the soul singer as she poured out her powerful music.

From a punctuality standpoint, everything was on point, as both acts began perfectly on time. Opening for the star was Jordan Bratton, who set the mood with an incredible, emotive vocal performance. Soon, Goapele took the stage with four instrumentalists and a talented backup singer at her side.

“She’s a gem!” said Darrick, 41, as her rich vocals began to soar around the room. Goapele’s program was an excellent blend of old hits and new songs from Strong as Glass. The mix of moods from song to song was captivating, even for people in the audience who were not familiar with her music. Those who were sang right along with her, especially on “Closer,” “Romantic,” and “Play.” Many fans were dancing on the last few songs, including one group of girls from Long Island, who said they had been to every Goapele show in New York and New Jersey for the past five years.

The venue was also quite impressive. The open, split-level lounge setting enhanced the listening experience, as did the perfect, 180-degree sound setup. There were also cool effects on the big screen that emphasized her music beautifully. These elements ensured that every single person could enjoy quality sound and visuals as Goapele wowed the crowd. They were also able to enjoy amazing food and drinks at a reasonable price. With such a warm atmosphere, everyone, from the staff to the security to the spectators, was friendly and happy. And why wouldn’t they be? Goapele is pure happiness.