D.I.D: ‘Hotel’ Single Review

Courtesy of theskinny.co.uk

Courtesy of theskinny.co.uk

Dog Is Dead, now dubbed D.I.D, are back after what seems like a million years (yet really, only two) since their debut All Our Favourite Stories with their new angelically rock single “Hotel.” Utterly engulfed in the hypnotic harmonies that introduce this track, it’s not difficult to notice how far Nottingham’s five-piece have come since their charmingly shambolic early single “Glockenspiel Song.” Voices float, mysterious yet elegant in an almost Alt-J-esque manner, with the lyrics “No hard feelings at all / we only loved you for your loose change” over a soft, enigmatic riff.

We’re only deceived for the opening 20 seconds as heavy guitar reverb savagely belts out the same complex riff with pure enthusiasm and attitude, not too dissimilar to those of Royal Blood, Drenge and perhaps even Muse. It’s clear that Dog Is Dead, although never abandoning their distinctive five-way harmonies, have moved on, grown up, and thrown their ferocious new single at us with a brilliant teenage-rebellion confidence. Lyrics such as “We’re just skin, bones and regular clothes / but I suggest you keep your distance” also reflect this adolescent unorthodoxy, however it’s mixed amongst several cliché’s like “Doing what we know and love / never fails to let us down”. It is a typical teenage mood swing in a song.

Those lucky enough to be attending their sold out gigs in Nottingham (Bodega, December 1st) and London (Courtyard, December 3rd) later this year will no doubt be dancing, moshing, flailing their heads and arms and legs to this track. After seeing them back in 2012, bashing out their fresh new debut album, I can almost guarantee that “Hotel” will played with great ferocity and enthusiasm and will most definitely not disappoint.

I just can’t imagine a single Dog Is Dead fan left dissatisfied after hearing their new single “Hotel,” and their transformation from 2012’s ‘Dog Is Dead’ to 2014/15’s ‘D.I.D.’  Details of a second album are still yet unknown, however if ‘Hotel’ is anything to judge it by, it’s going to be one crammed with attitude, audacious bass lines, melancholic reverb and powerfully contagious harmonies and melodies.


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