Oh Land and Free People: ‘Nothing Is Over’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Free People via Youtube
Courtesy of Free People via Youtube

Swedish pop artist Oh Land has paired up with the clothing brand Free People to create a holiday themed music video for their song, “Nothing Is Over,” from their recently released album, Earth Sick. Together, they have created a stylish short film that fits the nostalgic tone of the song perfectly, while showing off looks from Free People’s holiday collection.

The lead singer of Oh Land, Nanna Øland Fabricius, portrays the protagonist of the story. She is reminiscing about a past lover, and as the title suggests, hoping that her relationship is not yet over.

It begins with a flashback of the two characters separating and then moves to the present, where Nanna’s character is going through the ritual of opening her charming little bakery for the day. As she kneads dough for her pastries and serves customers, her work is juxtaposed alongside flashes of the progression of her relationship. We are given glimpses of the blissful highs, as well as the lows that led to their separation. 

The acting in the video is believable and understated. The close up shots really help you to connect with the love story and feel the emotions of the characters. Although the editing did jump through different times within their relationship, you never felt lost. The whole thing feels really naturalistic, like you’re watching a hip indie romance. It plays on the speck of hope that we all harbor; rekindling a lost love.

The brand Free People is known for their effortlessly bohemian style and this is definitely reflected in the visual aspects of the video. Warm, inviting color palettes are used in the set design and in the pieces that the brand highlighted, giving it an air of coziness and festivity.

The video did exactly what a promotional music video should. It made me interested in the artist and I paid attention to the styling and presentation of the clothing. Unlike some brands that just set footage of models to music, there was a clear story here that was able to compliment the brand. “Nothing Is Over” is definitely a cooler alternative to classic holiday advertisements.