Why Ed Sheeran Is the Epitome of Manhood

Courtesy of muzu.tv

Courtesy of muzu.tv

Pop music is full of double standards. Men treat women as objects of desire, while women take off their clothes to gain attention. The purity of emotions became secondary to bodily attractions. Yet, Ed Sheeran veered away from this trend by showing that two people could become emotionally involved with each other even with their clothes on.

It has been argued many times that mainstream music has been dominated by patriarchy. Women commodify themselves to be able to sell their records. Taking a closer look at the career of several pop artists, it will be observed that female artists have to show skin to be able to assert individuality. Men, likewise, capitalize on this premise by further commodifying women though portraying them as mere objects of desire in music videos.

Manhood has become equated to the number of women a man gets to take home. Plus points for the man if he is able to boast his womanizing. This is pure nonsense, by the way. Ed Sheeran, though, continues to do otherwise. In his music, he takes us back to the time when women are treated with respect. He also takes us to the time when men do not need to sexualize a woman to be able to be considered tough.

To be a man is to be tough, some argue. The toughness, nonetheless, in Ed Sheeran’s music is the vulnerability he exudes in his songs like “Lego House” and “Kiss Me.” He is able to deliver pure and passionate emotions devoid of any unnecessary sexual encounters. For the most part, Ed Sheeran sings love songs. It is always about how emotions develop from a simple attraction to an intense passion towards another person. It is likewise the reason why his collaboration with Taylor Swift in “Everything Has Changed” worked so well for both of them.

Intimacy, on the other hand, is a vital element in his songs. This, though, does not equate to a woman giving in to the pleasure principle of a man. It just simply means that both parties satisfy each other’s needs by providing one another with enough affection that eventually brings fulfillment.

Therefore, it should be resolved that all women, and also some men, deserve an Ed Sheeran in their lives. We all need someone who will take care of us and who will sing to us as if love can be found in all corners of the world. Like it is just another night and you are both staring at the moon, if you know what I mean.

Ed Sheeran, consequently, epitomizes what every man ought to be. He should be able to exhibit vulnerability without being pathetic. He must also be able to show his naughty side without being downright disrespectful. Ed Sheeran’s “Sing,” for example, shows off a playful side of him without being rude. People can have fun and fall in love this way, right?

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