Interpol Were Snowbound in Buffalo All Week

Courtesy of Interpol via Twitter
Courtesy of Interpol via Twitter

New York City indie-rock giants Interpol have, for sure, had one of those weeks. The band, who’ve just embarked on somewhat of a comeback tour behind their new album, El Pintor, have had their gigging plans hampered by the lake-effect snowstorm of biblical proportions that inundated Buffalo, along with a large portion of upstate New York, earlier this week. The storm, as well as a secondary wave of inclement weather, has left the entire region paralyzed, suffocating the American northeast under a blanket of snow and ice.

When a monstrous, looming wall of lake-effect snow descended upon the fair city of Buffalo, Tuesday afternoon, Interpol’s bus quickly became trapped in Lackawanna, NY, a small burg just outside the city. The band found themselves stranded inside their tour bus, with their tourmates in Hundred Waters similarly stuck. Luckily for the internet-going public, Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler and touring member Brandon Curtis decided to tweet the band’s endurance of this Donner-party-esque ordeal.

In a clear and desperate attempt at maintaining a collective sense of sanity, the band resorted to the heavy consumption of hard liquor and dry goods, but apparently never lost their work ethic. Trapped for over 50 hours in an icy, bus-shaped coffin, the band were forced to cancel Tuesday’s appearance in Toronto, last night’s Montreal show, and tonight’s Boston gig.

The whole debacle has spawned the hashtag #winterpol, which has yielded predictably hilarious results. Additionally, media outlets like Vice took to speculating on whether interpersonal dynamics between the band members were breaking down in circumstances akin to that movie, Alive—the one “about those guys who eat each other.”

The initial snowstorm, along with a second wave of snow that enveloped the Buffalo region Thursday night, has killed at least eight people so far, and, in addition to stranding over a hundred people on the roads, has left hundreds trapped in their houses. The tandem storms were caused by a meteorological phenomenon called the lake effect, which is a “pretty spectacular” process that occurs “in cold spots around the world.”

Notwithstanding the havoc wrought by this apocalyptic elemental beatdown, Interpol have experienced their fair share of hardships, recently. Says the Washington Post: “The band members have survived other storms in the past. The most recent one happened when their founding bassist/keyboardist/co-writer Carlos Dengler, ‘whose moody flair was a crucial part of the band’s sound and image,’ quit before they even had a chance to mix the LP, according to Rolling Stone.”

As of this afternoon, the band are back on the road and headed south. According to reports, they will, in all likelihood, be able to make their show at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia tomorrow evening.