Four Collaborations That May Never Happen

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We all have our favorites. Sometimes, we just wish they would collaborate with our other favorites. However, with the so-called fan loyalty, we cannot openly say this wish. At times, they have feuds. Occassionally, there is an existing rivalry that requires all-out fan support. Possibly, what they do is just in contrast with each other. Perchance, the artist’s works might be strikingly similar that it might not work at all. Still, we pray that soon it would happen (though it might never materialize).

Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey: Can you just imagine the diva war that may occur if this ever happens? Christina has said in several interviews how Mariah influenced her; however, the media portrayed the latter as indifference towards Christina. If this collaboration ever comes to reality, the riff battle would be delightfully exhilirating. The war of melismas the two divas would unleash could potentially blow the brains out of our heads. More excitingly, the groundbreaking probability of a music video could be literally breathtaking. Imagine the two divas in a runway showdown producing high notes, and clad in the most fashionable clothes. If there is going to be a record for best diva collaboration, this could be it.

Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga: The songs of Adam Levine’s band almost always talk about the male-centric world; whereas, Lady Gaga sings about how control can be held by any woman. In their music, there is a big gap between the sexes. However, it would be interesting if the two created music together. It is going to be a modern day male versus female anthem. Finally, there would be an end to the already tautological debate. Who would outshine whom? Surely, neither of these artists would back down. Adam Levine is the sexiest man alive, while Lady Gaga preys on domineeringly sexy men. What an interesting combination it would potentially make!

Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne: Young Avril Lavigne mentioned that she would never take her clothes off to gain attention. On the other hand, Miley Cyrus always asserts her personality with little clothes on. Thus, how this unlikely pair’s collaboration might come up is extremely interesting. Would Avril show some skin to compare with Miley? Or would Miley put on a punk star outfit to be at par with Avril? How would the song sound? Would it be sexy or edgy? Would it be rock or pop? Would it be something like “Hello Kitty” or “We Can’t Stop?” Would it be something in between? Just the thought of that in-between is thrilling enough to dream of this collaboration.

Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson: I know this is nothing unlikely specifically because Kelly covered Taylor’s “Shake It Off.” This is very possible especially because both artists are equally influential and talented. Yet, this could be a dangerous collaboration, especially for men. Both Kelly and Taylor create anthems designed against undeserving ex-boyfriends. Both artists too are great storytellers. Envision a song that is a hybrid between “Behind These Hazel Eyes” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Visualize a music video that is a crossbreed of “Since U Been Gone” and “Blank Space.” Imagine the turmoil this will bring men who break women’s hearts. That would be nice, but can the world handle such rage from angry ex-girlfriends? Probably not!

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