Blunt-Loving Waka Flocka Stars in Cough Drop Ad

Courtesy of Reid Rolls via Atlantic Records

Courtesy of Reid Rolls via Atlantic Records

During the American Music Awards show last night, Waka Flocka Flame received much attention when he appeared in a smoke-filled Pine Bros. cough drops commercial. The rapper, well known for his stoner persona, promoted the lozenges for “sore throat relief, for whatever reason.” The ad has reportedly been banned by several networks.

Shortly after One Direction received the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album, the commercial break took the audience into a suburban home filled with smoke. Seated on a couch within the cloud, Waka Flocka asked the camera, “What does a Waka Flocka Flame do for minor sore throat relief?” He then held up three bags of Pine Bros. throat drops and began praising ingredients like “imported gum acacia” and “plant glycerin” in a haze of weed-related innuendo.

The advertisement was an instant hit on social media. “That @WakaFlockabsm commercial had me laughing so hard I need some #pinebrothers softish cough drops now,” said one viewer. Another declared, “NOMINATE THAT WAKA COMMERCIAL FOR THE BEST COMMERCIAL OF 2014.”

Despite the positive reception, the Facebook pages of both Waka Flocka and Pine Bros. reported that the commercial has now been banned by various networks. Specifically identified by Pine Bros. was Boston’s local CBS station, WBZ.

Waka Flocka has received attention for another stoner stunt over the past few months. The hip-hop artist launched a competition to find a “Personal Blunt Roller” for hire, which brought in tens of thousands of “résumés.” Offering a yearly salary of $50,000, he tweeted, “All resumes must be sent on a rolling paper or blunts #seriousinquiriesonly.”

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen showed interest in the gig via Twitter, and according to an official statement, landed the job. “Waka Flocka and 36Brickhouse will no longer be accepting applicants for the specified job listing for ‘Personal Blunt Roller,’ as Seth Rogen has been hired to fill this position. His experience both on and off camera has earned this funnyman a slot with squad, eh. #icanROLL” explained Waka Flocka. His manager, Brick Bronson, added, “Waka Flocka has since hired Seth Rogen, however, if he doesn’t adhere to his day-to-day responsibilities, I’ll fire him and hire James Franco. #bound.” You can check out Waka Flocka’s Pine Bros. commercial here.

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