Jamie T at Manchester Academy One: Event Review

Courtesy of konbini.com

Courtesy of konbini.com

Many believed that Jamie T (Jamie Alexander Treays) was a thing of the past after his disappearance from the media over the past few years, so the handwritten note posted to his Facebook page announcing his first headline tour in four years was an extreme shock to his fans. Most were completely overwhelmed, even if it was only four dates. Treays announced 14 more dates for his Carry On The Grudge UK tour, one of which was Manchester Academy on November 17th.

The majority of the crowd had been fully warmed up and was having the time of their lives thanks to garage band duo Slaves. They seemed the only suitable support for Treays with their loud-mouth attitude and stompy stage presence, delivering the anti-government messages that seem to be a common interest of people in the room. Throughout many songs, there were groups of people chanting and beginning to run wild in the smaller-than-average venue, which gradually built up the atmosphere up for the unforgettable moment when Jamie T took to the stage. Protected by his highly-talented band and trusty baseball cap, Treays poured every bit of passion he could find into the night. If the fact that he ripped apart his hand during a later tour date and frequently super-glued it back together isn’t enough evidence, then nothing ever will be.

The crowd went crazy at the very first note of the first song of the night, “Limits Lie,” and carried on spookily in synch, straight into “Don’t You Find,” and “Operation.” They continued their humble support throughout new songs off the album, Carry On The Grudge, such as “Peter.” It might be described as the most enjoyable of the night, with all members of the crowd hissing and growling the lyrics back at Treays before calming down into “Turn On the Light.” However, a lot of people were waiting for some of Treays’ most popular songs.

There was a very clear burst of excitement erupting from the crowd upon hearing “Salvador” and “British Intelligence.” Treays completely threw people off when he began to play a very emotional acoustic version of “Emily’s Heart,” pulling a few people’s heart strings along the way. The long trip we’d made across the country had suddenly become extremely worthwhile. Treays finished the main part of his set with his classic, “If You Got The Money,” which was a hit with everyone in the room. As impressive as the night had been, no one was giving up that easily. The crowd stood firmly in their place like an army awaiting their next orders, before Jamie T returned for his 3-song encore.

No matter what anyone else had told me, nothing had prepared me for how impressive the school-themed tune, “Sheila,” would be live. The atmosphere produced was really something you had to experience firsthand. This was followed by one of the most popular songs off new album, Carry On The Grudge, Zombie,” with the catchy chorus bouncing around the room. Upon hearing last song of the night, “Sticks ‘n’ Stones,” I was more than satisfied. I know that when Treays returns to the UK after his European Tour, I will be amongst the first to purchase tickets. The night truly was worth the four-year wait.

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