Why Christina Aguilera’s ‘Lotus’ Deserved More

Courtesy of hdwallpaperall.com

Courtesy of hdwallpaperall.com

It has been two years since the once-anticipated album from Christina Aguilera was released. Contrary to expectations, Lotus did not sell better than Ms. Aguilera’s previous efforts. The reason why it actually failed to surpass preceding albums was widely debated. To make matters even more serious, it failed to gain any notice at the Grammy’s. Anticipation was high, but the outcome was less than satisfactory. However, for fans and genuine music lovers alike, the album deserved more than what it received. The album was a celebration of Ms. Aguilera’s rebirth. It was a fete of another era of the great singer. Whatever the reason why it was underrated remains to be seen, though. But for people who genuinely enjoyed the record, they know that history will surely give the album the merits it deserves.

When the album was released, Ms. Aguilera was saying how her life has changed drastically with so many things happening for her. Lotus, meanwhile, was a reflection of the transitions she was facing. She called the album the next generation of her Stripped album, mainly because of the extremely personal content of the newer record. 

Ms. Aguilera did not disappoint. Lotus was clearly amazing. If this was what critics claimed to be a poor album, then all of music today is just plain garbage. Stripped is an excellent record. Lotus, meanwhile, is a mature version of Stripped. Imagine what Ms. Aguilera had to go through to be able to write the lyrics of her ballads in the album. Did you not feel her pain in “Best Of Me?” Were you not moved of her beautifully delivered “Sing for Me?” Were you not able to see her vulnerabililty in “Cease Fire?” Were you not inspired by her strength in “Army of Me?” What other pop track could be on par with “Let There Be Love?”

For every record she creates, Ms. Aguilera bares her soul. She lets us feel her pain, so that we can be strong. She makes us realize our worth, so we may not let others put us down. She conquers her struggles, so that we can also survive the difficulties of life. There are lots of great singers out there. However, Ms. Aguilera is only one of the few artists with the same amount of vulnerability and strength rolled into one. Her influence cuts across boundaries.

Lotus will forever inspire, that is for sure. It will serve as a constant reminder how at one point Ms. Aguilera reminded us once again that music matters. Now, Lotus is a memento of how great an artist Ms. Aguilera is. It only gets better. Therefore, for her next record come 2015, we can expect nothing but the best from the Voice of our Generation.

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