Bryan Adams at The SSE Arena, Wembley: Event Review

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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album Reckless, Bryan Adams concluded his UK tour Wednesday night with a spectacular performance at Wembley’s SSE Arena. The two part show included the entirety of Reckless being played followed by a greatest hits set.

The show opened with the previously unreleased title track “Reckless,” followed by “One Night Love Affair and “She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancing,” with Adams announcing this was his 27th show at Wembley. The majority of the audience appeared to be awaiting some of Adams’ more popular tracks as they watched the opening songs through their camera phones, and the rock star was met with little response has he held the microphone to the crowd expecting to hear the lyrics sung back at him. This may have been the reason for him reminding the crowd twice that he was playing the entire Reckless album, stating “Because it’s my show.”

The atmosphere soon changed and the audience livened up as the set went into “Run To You,” the intimate ballad, “Heaven,” “The Boys Night Out,” “Kids Wanna Rock,” “It’s Only Love,” “Long Gone,” and “Ain’t Gonna Cry.” Adams went on to thank Tina Turner for appearing on “It’s Only Love” and for the support she had given them thirty years ago when he first performed at Wembley as her opening act stating, “I was so nervous to come on stage that night. Actually, I was nervous to come on stage tonight.” The Reckless set concluded with “Summer of ‘69” and an acoustic performance of the recently-released “Let Me Down Easy,” which Adams introduced by mentioning how they had many more tracks recorded but were unable to fit them all on a record thirty years ago. He went on to describe the lost art of playing vinyl records.

“Good job, I have 12 albums” Adams announced as the rest of the band returned on stage for a greatest hits set which included “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You,” “If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good,” “Cuts Like a Knife,” “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started,” “Please Forgive Me,” “When You’re Gone,” “18 ‘til I Die,” “Cloud Number Nine,” “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You,” and “You’ve Been A Friend To Me.” Guitarist Keith Scott put on an exceptional performance himself leaping across the stage and rocking out to the beat of each song throughout the set – throwing in some Eddie Van Halen-styled solos whenever he could.

The night drew to a close with acoustic versions of “She Knows Me,” “Straight From The Heart,” and “All For Love.” Adams thanked the audience and mentioned how this was the final stop of his UK tour, stating, “It felt right to end it at Wembley.”

The 30th Anniversary deluxe edition of Reckless was released earlier this month. The double CD package includes six previously unreleased songs and the legendary live recording from Hammersmith Apollo.

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