Who is Ghost Loft? Seriously, You Need to Know

Courtesy of Polaroid Cameron via bottlerocketmusic.com
Courtesy of Polaroid Cameron via bottlerocketmusic.com

Really, what is the new hype? Seriously, who is saying that they are, “The Leaders of the New School?” Ghost Loft might be the leader of afterschool detention; so secretive, but it’s only a matter of time before the cool kids and bad girls will gravitate to the word in street. Light voice, deep, mellow beat, chopped instrumentals, awesome reverb, beat-switches? Danny Choi, an LA Native, has a sound that you really can’t put your finger on, but Wiz Khalifa can. He put Ghost Loft on his number one album, Blacc Hollywood via Taylor Gang/Atlantic Records, on one of his most-acclaimed tracks, called “So High.” Ironically, it was the underground success and infectiousness of Ghost Loft’s original single that prompted Wiz to create his own version, featuring Ghost Loft himself.

Originally from LA, Ghost Loft has released other great pieces of work, including “Slowdown Time,” “Seconds,” and his newest single, “Be Easy,” which includes subject matter that will catch you off guard. It depicts scenes of riots during the Civil Rights Era, and scenes from the L.A.P.D. beat-down of Rodney King. Relax, and indulge in something you can’t seem to live without; we fully recommend you get lost in the loveliest things you can find, to the songs found in this awesome musician’s library.

Not only does Ghost Loft make the most soulful songs from the deepest depths of his mind, he also blesses other artists’ singles and brings true life out. He has amazing remixes of songs like “Let It Go” by The Neighborhood, “Handshake” by Two Door Cinema Club, and “Overdose” by the dope collective, Little Overdose. I know this all sounds too good to be true. I was just as amazed as you are when I found all this out. In addition to all that Ghost Loft has accomplished in his short time in the indie limelight, he also has production credits for Gilbere Forte, an awesome indie hip-hop up-and-comer.

Ghost Loft is definitely an artist you need to be on the lookout for. In the normal world, downloading after hearing is part of what we would consider the norm, but you wouldn’t be disappointed if you downloaded before you listened to any of his projects. Just by seeing the name next to the song, you should know that a quality artist is behind this, and that a quality song is soon to follow.