Peace: ‘World Pleasure’ Single Review

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Peace fans received what is believed to be a taste of the band’s new album in the form of the song, “World Pleasure,” earlier this year. Many have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Peace’s new album, Happy People, set for release in February 2015. The indie rock quartet from Worcester in England completely took over the UK with their last album, In Love, and the same is predicted for Happy People.

The track starts with a relaxed intro of around 20 seconds before bouncing into the lively instrumental piece. Frontman Koisser easily rolls out the lyrics “Aching, aching everywhere / I don’t feel it / You don’t care”. Already, there is a hint of the band’s groovy vibe scrawled all over their latest track.

The song has multiple outbursts of instrumental pieces in between the well-placed catchy verses. The track makes a lot of references to the war, such as, “Please don’t send me off to war / that’s not what my body’s for / maybe I was not born brave” and “lawfully killed in English dirt / little hearts begin to hurt.” It seems as though Peace are making a plea for world peace, or at least enjoyment. In later lyrics, there are references to areas in the world that already have these luxuries, like when they mention “New York City cars and girls.” Although the band haven’t commented on whether the track is a political statement or not, it may be taken that way by listeners.

There is clear influence throughout the song by bands such as Primal Scream and Stone Roses, but Peace have done a charming job in making the sounds their own. Some listeners also associate the song with Sheffield band Pulp, who are famous for their political views.

“World Pleasure” is one of their longest songs to date, lasting just over six minutes. However, this doesn’t affect how addictive it is. It reminds many listeners of songs that originated from the 1960s. The vibes of the song closely associate with the 1960s and link it to The Beatles and British Psychedelia, a genre which can be associated with many songs from Peace.

Peace are currently on tour supporting Bombay Bicycle Club but are set to embark on their own tour at the start of 2015. The band will start at Liverpool on the January 15th and are set to end the fun on the March 27th in Brighton. The band made a hugely successful appearance on the main stage at Reading & Leeds Festival earlier this year.

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