The Most Amazing Lyric Art Created by Fans

Courtesy of Krishna Mistry via Twitter

Courtesy of Krishna Mistry via Twitter

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks back and was drawn to a post made by Taylor Swift. No, it wasn’t the normal selfie of her cats, or a crochet especially made for Ed Sheeran. Rather, it was a drawing of a fox. To be more specific, it was a piece of fan art to coincide with her song, “I Know Places,” co-written with Ryan Tedder for her 1989 album. Aside from the fact the drawing was pretty cool; I was struck by how the image seemed to communicate the character of the song.

Naturally, this got me thinking about the other fan art out there. When you search through all the expressions, quotes and model shots on Pinterest, you can actually find some pretty epic and talented artists who love their music. Here are some of my discoveries.

I Know Places” by Taylor Swift:  Tay posted this on her social media soon after 1989 dropped, but it has since been taken down potentially due to copyright issues. It would appear the original illustration was done by Ally Burguiers and was then appropriated by a fan. Burguiers has since launched a campaign to gain credit for her work.

Fix My Eyes” by for KING & COUNTRY: These lyrics from the Aussie expats Luke and Joel Smallbone (aka for KING & COUNTRY) are powerful, and artist Patrick R. Laurent did an excellent job of communicating the intentionality that lies behind the lyrics in this image. With over 6.2K likes on Facebook, fans are calling for this one to appear on a t-shirt.

X by Ed Sheeran: What’s better than a piece of artwork about an Ed Sheeran song? Why, an artwork incorporating his entire X album of course! This illustration by Adel manages to communicate the heartbeat of the dapper singer/songwriter perfectly, and the use of font and simple color makes it all the more authentic. Also, you can get this print on a cushion and a coffee mug, so that’s a win for everyone.

Beautiful Things” by Gungor: This song by folk/worship duo Gungor is one of my favorites, and graphic designer Josh Thomassen highlights the depth of the lyrics in this stunning piece. This song fills me with hope, and this particular art piece seems to visualize the message perfectly with the details shown of our physical heart.

Therapy” by All Time Low: There are plenty of really cool ATL art pieces, but this one stand out due to the combination of elements. Showing the intensity of the song through the anchor and the chosen lyrics, this image still manages to include the light and fun the band are known for. Drawn by Krishna Mistry, the anchor has never been more punk pop.

Harry Styles of One Direction: Okay, so it’s not so much lyric art as a perfectly shaped resemblance of Harry Styles head, but dang they made it work. Chosen by 1D as one of the best fan art pieces of 2013, this image doesn’t have a credit, but it has notched up over 36k likes on the band’s Facebook page.

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