Christina Grimmie: ‘With Love’ Single Review



Vulnerability and honesty in emotions, to be believable, must come naturally. They are a package that emanates directly from the heart and soul of the singer. It’s difficult to force them, because emotions only work successfully if genuine. Christina Grimmie, a finalist of Team Adam from The Voice Season 5, released a new single called “With Love,” and it’s good. It’s actually even better than some of the popular songs we hear today. If listeners look for a beautifully delivered ballad with heart and soul, they should be buying Christina’s song now. It almost exudes the emotional realness in Christina Aguilera’s “You Lost Me” off the album Bionic.

Christina Grimmie is a YouTube sensation with strings of excellent renditions. She proved how great an interpreter she is when she joined The Voice. She gave “How To Love,” a hip-hop song, a whole new dimension when she transformed it into a song about yearning for identity and affection. She helped the young generation appreciate a classic when she delivered “Can’t Help Falling in Love” her own twist. She, likewise, turned a Miley Cyrus pop song to a power ballad for grown women. Her “I Won’t Give Up” is totally impressive no one could even remember that is was a Jason Mraz original.

However, it’s different now because she must deliver her own songs. In “With Love,” she combines all the things that worked well for her before. Truth be told, Christina has always been singing with purity. “With Love” comes as a big surprise though because Christina was able to grow so much from her stint on The Voice. She is now an independent variable from the reality-competition she came from. She is now on her own. Her music stands for her. It’s a conviction that Christina is not just here for the fame. She is here for her divine love for music.

Interestingly, Christina, for her new track, does not follow tradition of senseless songs to sell. She manages to sing something that, when given proper exposure, can become in line with all the great debut singles from a female artist. Christina may as well become the first international superstar from The Voice. She is already ripe to perform in all awards show on the planet. If “With Love” seems to be an excellent track already, then listen to her entire album. It’s full of catchy beats and relatable lyrics.

Albeit “With Love” is good for a neophyte in the industry, it is still not the best Christina could offer. She still has to come up with a distinct style that will set her apart from other singers who could sing and interpret. It’s actually exciting, because if this is not yet the best from Christina, how phenomenal it would be if she finally discovers her signature in the music world. So, Christina, when you are ready to fall prey in this cruel business, always remember that your music solely can hold you up with love. Christina should have nothing to worry about, because through songs like this, she is well on her way to the top of the charts and to the top of the listeners’ hearts.

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