Jamie T: ‘Rabbit Hole’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Jamie T via VEVO

Courtesy of Jamie T via VEVO

Earlier this month, Jamie T (Jamie Alexander Treays) released his latest music video for the song, “Rabbit Hole.” The song is featured on the album, Carry On The Grudgewhich was released in September. The video was released shortly after Treays announced rescheduled dates for his latest tour that were previously cancelled due to illness.

The video starts by spiraling into Jamie T, who is sporting an all-black outfit consisting of skinny jeans with a button-up shirt, while he casually plays his guitar on the side of a street. The musician is viewed on a number of screens coming up behind each other, lit up by neon lights that highlight the star.

Treays is lurking around on a busy city centre street and occasionally shares the screen with a female, who we can assume the narrative within the song is about. As the song progresses, we are shown the female’s story unfolding, with multiple sequences of her crying on the phone or stumbling around the different streets. The song is a story based on destruction and the key lyrics such as “betrayed” and “crumbling” are inscribed in blood red graffiti-styled text on the screen.

A clear allusion can be made to Alice In Wonderland in the song and video, with the lyrics, “Go see Alice in the palace to crumble / Lally la / She trips to tumble / Go and roll down a rabbit hole”. This allusion is also present in the video and has been noticed by many. The Vevo account commented on the YouTube clip with, “Take a trippy ride down the Rabbit Hole with Jamie T!” It wouldn’t be the first time that Lewis Carroll‘s famous children’s novel has been linked to drug abuse, which can be seen in the video with the multiple different screens rolling at the same time. It is also portrayed with the clones of the female and neon lights flowing everywhere.

The video takes a mysterious turn, as the sky can be seen fading into a light green colour while the streets and buildings transform into deep black shadows. Alongside this the neon lights morph into skeletons scrawled on top of Treays and the female actor. The video concludes with the girl stumbling around a country road, far from the city where she started her journey in the night before. It’s a perfect portrayal of the lack of control a human has when abusing drugs.

Many have noticed that Treays’ return has been accompanied by a completely new style, from his slicked-back hair to his current obsession with gore and horror, which can also be seen in the music video for “Zombie.” But so far, the video has been extremely well received by fans, just as the album was after Treays’ long break from the music industry.

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