Jay Electronica Talks Racial Dynamics on Twitter

Courtesy of massappeal.com
Courtesy of massappeal.com

It looks like Jay Electronica has finally weighed in on the recent flare-up of sociopolitical and racial tension following the lack of indictments in the killings by the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department and the NYPD, respectively, of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. He did so earlier today via Twitter in a series of palpably incensed messages directed at both President Obama and the internet-going populace at large.

Jay Electronica, whose real name is Timothy Elpadaro Thedford, unleashed a firestorm of indignant tweets starting just before 1pm, EST, today. Worth noting is the fact Thedford’s Twitter feed only has a total of 47 tweets, including those sent out today; this would imply a high level of interest in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner on the part of Thedford. Of further note is Thedford’s status as a member of the Five-Percent Nation.

Aside from the slew of tempestuous rhetoric issued by Thedford this afternoon, however, the acclaimed rapper and producer dropped a thinly veiled bit of contempt at the result of the Ferguson grand jury’s decision two days after it was announced: “…and these m****rf**kers sent Michael Vick to jail for fighting dogs.” Though this tweet from November 26th was a clear dig at the lack of indictment in the shooting Michael Brown by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson, Thedford went all-in this afternoon, going so far as to tweet directly at President Obama. Thedford addressed the President, saying, “you should be ashamed dog. not because you’re black, but cause you talked all that glorious shit when you were running for pres,” and, “I know as president of the Usa [sic] you’re just a figurehead and can’t do much but damn man. where’s your voice and nuts?”

Outside of his statements directed at the President—who urged calm after the Ferguson grand jury’s decision—Jay Electronica’s polarizing message of contempt and indignation seemed to be an indictment of the institutionalized, systemic racism many African-Americans and other peoples of color have come to acknowledge as extant and as informative of their experience as American citizens. The artist paraphrased his overarching message on Facebook, saying, “Shut the f*** up w all that we need peace talk. Peace ain’t gonna fall outta the sky…and shut the f*** up with that black on black crime bullshit. Who extracts metal from the earth and mass produces weapons with it? Blacks?…how do these guns find their way into our hands. Did we raid the military bases and get them? Do we manufacture them?…everybody knows who the true criminals are. f*** all this politically correct shit…we live in a criminal nation, founded by rapists, mass murderers and robbers. so don’t tell me about ‘black on black’ crime…these motherf***ers are poisoning the food air land and water and causes wars all over the earth, extincting entire species of animals…and then have the nerve to point a finger talking about crime and thugs. You motherf***ers are the supreme thugs.”

In short, Thedford sought to deconstruct the idea of so-called “black-on-black” crime being relevant in light of incidents like those involving Michael Brown and Eric Garner, incidents which can easily be construed as the products of a society where mass incarceration is the cause of more social ills than it solves, where civil forfeiture is used to seize funds from average citizens in order to buy things like margarita machines, and where racial profiling is simply par for the course when it comes to practicing stop-and-frisk searches. Predictably, Thedford’s comments have already garnered their share of denunciation from detractors on social media, with many Facebook commenters expressing dismay at an artist daring to rear his head in the arena of national discourse regarding racial, cultural, and social dynamics.

Screenshots of Jay Electronica’s screed are available over at Pigeons & Planes, which chronicled the entire diatribe. According to the blog, “Jay is currently on the road with Common for the Nobody’s Smiling tour.”